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# 1 Uber escort what am i missing
05-09-2012, 02:55 PM
So someone told me my escort wasn't doing very well in an STF (this is not a PVP question i dont do PVP) and advised me what it should be doing but i just cant figure out where im going wrong. Ive been told an escort should do 4-7k damage (not counting crits and the like) but when im in there my yellow numbers are between 1000 and 2800 and some of that is even with my buffs. yes on occasion ill get a 6k crit but i feel like im being left behind so i need the definitive respec, weapons, consoles information to make me Mighty like thor (love the new avengers movie)

Heres what i want to keep if possible and what im working with currently

Defiant Retrofit (the one with the cloak) (picture for the quickness)

V.Rare 1x DBA MK Xi (acc)x2 (crth)
V.Rare 1x Quad Cannons (ive heard these arent great but i do like the aesthetic and would prefer to keep if possible)
V.Rare 2x DHC [acc] [crth]x2

Borg Deflector

Borg Engines

Maco Mk XII (but i do have the omega MK XII)

V.Rare 2 x Beam Array mk XI [acc] [dmg]x2 (i know... im guna replace em with turrets)
V.Rare 1x Tricobalt mk xi [crtd] [crth] [borg]

Subspace field modulator
Red Matter Capacitor

Cloaking Device

Borg Universal Console
Rare Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk XI

Rare 2x Field Generator Mk XI

V.Rare 3x Phaser Relay mk X
Rare Phaser relay mk xi

And heres how im specced

and my Boff tray and power tray

i would prefer to run without any torps in front i would like to keep phaser (for now im building others with differnet weaps) i would like to keep my cloak and my heal abilities. Im pretty damn accurate and dont miss much at all. Please offer your suggestions (p.s. kena have BO3 and CSV2 and CRF3 and tallasa has BO2)
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# 2
05-09-2012, 03:19 PM
Have you tried parsing your combat logs?

That would give you a better idea how much DPS you're doing.
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# 3
05-09-2012, 03:25 PM
Yeah i did but really not sure how to read it. Do i go by out DPS or out DMG or TDPS or do i break it down further and go by Sum Mag, Avg Mag, MPS. Its very confusing
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# 4
05-09-2012, 03:26 PM
Having 2 copies of CRF is a pretty common move; I'd give that a try.
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# 5
05-09-2012, 03:38 PM
1st, I'd ditch the beam arrays for turrets
2nd why did you spec way into threat control and yet have nothing into attack patterns?
3rd move the borg console into a sci slot and pick up a neutronium alloy console for the resist. Right now you've taken your already few eng slots and filled them up with things that don't add to survivability.
4th. ditch the cloak in STF's it literally adds nothing and add another eng console for survivability, you will notice the difference.
5th work on upgrading your phaser relays and I'd personally ditch the quad cannons for a 3rd DHC.
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# 6
05-09-2012, 03:38 PM
You could try
RF3, BO3, beta or delta 1, TT1
Omega 1, RF1, TT1
Target engines 1
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# 7
05-09-2012, 03:41 PM
I'd lose the Quad Cannons and replace it with another DHC. Yeah they look cool and I bounced back and forth and found a noticeable difference in DPS.

Lose the rear Tricobalts and go with all Turrets.

You're BOFF layout seems fine otherwise.

I run 2-Piece Omega and 2-Piece Borg on my Escort and survive just fine.
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# 8
05-09-2012, 03:42 PM
use the hibert guide build

This is very powerful , one of the best for STF and PvP

It's very tanky very high damage

•Tactical Cmdr: TT1 / APB1 / CRF2 / APO3
•Tactical LtC: TT1 / CSV1 / APO1
•Engineering Lt: EPtS1 / AtSIF1
•Engineering Ens: EPtS1
•Science Lt: ST1 / TSS2
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# 9
05-09-2012, 03:48 PM
Well, one suggestion I would make right off the bat is to replace your entire aft section with turrets. Escorts are strongest when they're facing their targets because of their ability to use Dual cannons and Dual heavy cannons. Beam arrays are fine, but generally speaking Escorts want to put out the most damage they can, especially in PVE, so beam arrays which will only rarely come to bear on your targets aren't very useful and the mines have some limited use. Turrets, however, can fire regardless of where you're aiming and also benefit from any boff abilities that relate to cannons, like scatter volley and rapid fire.

If you wanted to pull out a little more from your spec you could buy a respec token and pull back a little on some of the abilities you have there. Player skills benefit the most from the points you put into them in the first three points, and diminish by the fourth-sixth, and even more with the last three points. Those instances you're putting on extra point in the red, while not bad, can end up being put else were for greater benefit, Like what you have in Warp core potential, engine performance, hull plating and shield performance at the end could be taken out and put into something more useful, like weapons performance.

I would also probably suggest against threat control, starship stealth, subsystem repair, starship batteries, and auxiliary control. They're not bad, but those points could be spent better elsewhere, like warp core efficiency, weapons performance, armor reinforcements, and attack patterns(which is an absolute must for DPS).

Your consoles look fine, the only thing I might suggest there is maybe replacing the Plasma Distribution Manifold with an RCS Accelerator, because if you're specced right your weapon power settings should be around 125 naturally, and being able to turn quicker is an incredible boon, in PVE or PVP. If you want a little more DPS, perhaps try getting a few pieces of the Omega set for the Tetryon Glider buff, replace the shield with the Omega shield and probably go with the Omega deflector because it increases your accuracy even more. Keep the borg engines though, because that hull heal is a great addition to have.
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# 10
05-09-2012, 03:56 PM
It's not bad.

My recommendations would be:

1) Replace all your aft weapons with turrets. Not just the beams, the tricobalt too. This is the biggest change, because with 3 turrets you can put an extra 2000 DPS (before buffs) on what's directly infront of you. Most of the time in STFs you'll be attacking something that's stationary, or very large and slow. Keeping it ahead of you in an Escort is absurdly easy, so extra DPS for the sides and the rear is not a consideration. This is probably what attracted the comment that you weren't doing very well. People tend to get annoyed when they see Escorts running Beam Arrays.
180ing and popping a big tricobalt on something is fun, and I used to do it, but ultimately by the time you turn back around for another run with your DHCs, you'll actually have done less damage. Better off keeping a constant stream of Cannon and Turret spam on him.
You could get a slight increase from dropping the Quad, but it's probably not a lot, no overwhelming need to drop it.
2) Increase your weapon power until you get 125/xx (I have 125/95). Tweaking your skills might help this (see below).
3) Remove one of the Beam Overloads, and put in another Cannon Rapid Fire. How I'd do it is take out the BO1 in your Lt. Comm's Lt slot, put Attack Pattern Beta I in there, and then replace the Attack Pattern Beta II with CRF II. CRF gives a more sustained DPS boost than BO, and without draining your weapon power as much. Or if you're doing "probe duty" on KA a lot, a Cannon Scatter Volley instead. Set up your BOffs so you can interchange between the two.
4) Skills:
- You're specced into Batteries even though you're not using any, and even if you were it's not a worthwhile skill, imo. Spec out and spend the points in Starship Attack Patterns, since you are using those.
- I don't recommend speccing into Threat Control. Yes you get a bit extra damage, but having the Borg target you all the time (because very few other people spec into it) is not worth it.
- I didn't bother with stealth when I was in my Defiant, and I never had any NPC detect me while cloaked in PvE. I'm fairly sure even without points spent on it you need to be really close to an enemy for them to see you. It may be different in PvP though, I don't do enough of that to make an educated comment.
- You're Engineering skills are a bit untidy. Try and max out Weapon Performance and Warp Core Performance to boost your power levels. See can you get armour Reinforcements to 6 (the Borg's most deadly weapons deal Kenetic damage). I don't have anything in Subsystems Repair and have never noticed any ill effects (again, only in PvE though), and Auxilliary performance isn't needed in an Escort.

I don't use beams myself, so I'm not sure, but is there any Beam skill you can put in that Ensign Tac slot? Torp HY will be wasted when you remove the Tricobalt.

EDIT: Didn't notice the Plasma Distribution Manifold first time around. You won't need that after speccing into Weapon Performance and tweaking your power levels. Replace it with either an EPS Flow Regulator. That has 2 advantages. First, your shields power will pick up more quickly when you decloak and secondly, your weapon power will recover quicker from the drops it takes from firing multiple weapons at once.
You could use an RCS Accelerator either, but I found the Def-R manouverable enough without one. Particularly for STFs where most enemies are big, fat and slow.

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