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05-10-2012, 12:01 AM
Several have asked for the builds that I use so here it is:

My Character Traits-
Efficient Captain
Warp Theorist

I have 5 efficient Bridge officers.
So my skills for warp efficiency and potential is maxed out and here are their numbers in space battle:

Warp Efficiency 152
Warp Potential 109

Now my power levels

I've been using attack default levels
Weapons: 125/100
Shields: 122/50
Engines: 56/25
Aux: 78/25
This is my attacking power levels because of efficiency, potential, traits, boffs, equipment, and plasmonic leech.

Weapons: 125/90
Shields: 125/60
Engines 56/25
Aux: 78/25

I <3 Guramba Siege Destroyer!

After asking several people that have the Siege Destroyer what their builds were and reading the infinite power ( thread I have this:

My build:

Weapons Fore:
2 DHC Disruptor mk12 Borg
1 Quantum mk12 borg
1 Quad Disruptor cannons or another Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons.
3 DHC Disruptor mk 12 purple with accx3 or accx2 and ctrh (Have yet to purchase these but plan too.)
(I got the quad cannons from another ship Ning'Tao Class.)

Weapons Aft:
3 Disruptor turrets mk12 borg
3 disruptor turrets mk12 purple Acc x2 and ctrh (have and currently using its like 22% chance for crit )

Deflector: Honor Guard
Impulse: Honor Guard
Shield: Honor Guard or Borg shield

Engineering Consoles: Plasmonic Leech Console, Neutronium mk12, assimilated module
Science: 1 field generator and 1 emitter array.
Tactical: 3x Disruptor induction coil 26% or 28%; 1 zero point quantum chamber 26% or 28%

Now Different Builds is mainly different tac officers.

First set of Tac is good for pve and pvp:

Commander Tac: tactical team1;scatter volley 1;high yield 3; Cannon rapid fire 3
Lt. Commander Tac: tactical team1; torp spread 2; atp Omega or beta
Lt. Engineering: EPtS, Reverse Shield polarity 1
Ensign Engineering: Emergency power to shields 1 (EPtS)
Lt. Science: hazard emitters 1; polarize hull or transfer shield strength 2

This build increases survivability in pvp due to the two tactical teams. I've been able to go 1v4 in Kerrat against Federation VAs.
(Only lost once in a 1v1 with this build. The federation had the voyager ship with the armor, and a whole lot of tricks. We battle it out for 4 mins, before I couldn't do anything and died because of sub-nuc.)

PVE build difference is just tac officersget 5.9k to 11kdps)

Commander Tac: tactical team1;scatter volley 1;scatter volley 2; ATP Beta 3
Lt. Commander Tac: Torpedo spread1; torp spread 2; ATP Beta 2

Alternate (Thanks to Riale): (Currently using get 6.8k-14kdps)
Commander Tac: TT1, attack pattern beta 1, torp spread 3, cannon scatter volley 3
Lt. Commander Tac: torp spread 1, atp beta1, csv 2

This second build is for dealing large amounts of damage to multiple targets consistently. You activate ATP Beta 3, SCV2, and TS2 first and fire. Then you do ATP beta 2, SCV 1, and TS1 second. If you want to be a Savior for Cure Elite STF then this is it. I'm able to handle all birds from all 3 lanes by myself, and usually 1 and half of the raptor lanes. Negs aren't a problem. I've had to defend against raptors when my team killed one cube without touching the nanite probes on the others. So fighting raptors for several minutes is intense but possible with this build. Done this a few times. People just love me for it, because I've yet to lose a cure elite with this.)

With Alternate its the same just doing cannon scatter volley 3, torp spread3, atp b1, and tt1 to kill first set of bops. Then use evasive maneuvers to get to the second set and use scv2, atp b1, and ts1 on the second then em to 3 and use csv3, ts3, atp b1, and tt1.

Using three purple doffs give you a 14 second cool down on Evasive maneuvers which helps you get to all three lanes on cure faster. Also on Khitomer accord you can handle probes on both sides by yourself. You will get optional for both stfs if the other 4 have enough combined dps to achieve it.

Doffs for each build:
Three purple conn doffs for evasive maneuvers which helps with stfs.
The other two is your preference, but I have shield distribution blue quality (until I get purple.) Then I have warp-core engineer.

The Guramba is a Ferrai among ships!

Hope this helps!

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