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05-10-2012, 05:17 AM
Never been much into DOFFs until recently, but I was thinking why not have a cross faction DOFF that would reduce the CD time for special abilities of both the KDF and Federation ship abilities.

Things like:
  • Saucer Separation
  • Multi-Vector Assault Mode
  • Phaser/Disruptor Spinal lance
  • Odyssey Aquarius and Chevron Separation.

Forgive me if I'm lacking on the KDF side as I don't play that faction, but I'm sure some other Klingon experts could fill in some gaps (please do!).

I was thinking that it would be a flat bonus, with a 2 DOFF limit, 20% each DOFF. Since most of these timers are
greater than 2 minutes. Thoughts?

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