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# 1 Missing ship slots.
05-11-2012, 12:14 AM
I am unable to buy ship slots from the Cstore. The reason I was given was because I have already bought the maximum amount, which is 28. However, I only have 35 total slots. Per the GM, I can get 6 slots from promotions, 2 default, one from the Vault accolade, and 2 from vet rewards, as well as 1 from testing. I am an 800 day vet at max level, and I have done the vault. That should be 11 right there, plus the 28 I supposedly bought means I should have 39 slots. I am missing 4. When I try to buy more it gives me a "unable to complete transaction; this item cannot currently be purchased".

When I submitted a ticket about this issue the first time, I submitted it regarding the error message. I was told by a GM that that was because I had the maximum number already. When I submitted the next ticket, pointing out that I had the wrong amount, I was told that "The GM cannot help with this matter, please submit a bug report, you will not receive a reply to this bug report."

That's great and all, but I'm still out 800 cpoints and stuck with 4 less slots than I should have. Considering I apparently spent the money already on this, it's pretty frustrating to get blown off.

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