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POST MAY 10 PATCH - Possible glitches.

I was on the lookout for new bugs that usually crop up after weekly patches and this was pretty noticeable and repeatable on my end more than half the time.

Also, right after an STF mission you are unable to re-invite your wingmen to a new team because their status is shown as "Blocking Team Invites - user already teamed" despite the STF mission instance being dissolved.

Various wingmen I team up with for PUG queue STFs report on a regular basis that they never saw my lines on team chat. Long and short of it is team chat is unreliable. Here's how you can recreate the glitch:

1) Pre-team for an STF

2) Play the mission

3) Exit the mission

4) [Glitch No.2 - Cannot invite people as they are still shown as "blocking team invites" despite the mission instance being dissolved]

5)To fix Glitch No. 2, Change your map instance or location

6)Go on to your friend's list and re-create the team

7) Type stuff on team chat. Many a time I notice no one ever gets the messages I typed even though they are visible on my window.

8) To fix this glitch, you need to log off and on again after every STF mission

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