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It's mostly fine, but there's two things that are definitely not canon.

Firstly, those glowing triangular engine ports on the rear, and secondly, the neck is way too flat/thin in the verticle plain. There should be no gap between the upper surface of the neck, and the bottom of the protrusion on the front of it's main hull, and it should be thicker in general.

This snap from Soldiers of the Empire illustrates what I mean about the neck. It joins with the hull, and is chunkier in general. Neither of these are the case with the one in game.

Also, this affects the B'rel, but seems to be a general issue with Raptors and Birds of Prey, the second variety of windows only gets applied to the aft section, the fore is still the original type.

Considering that the B'rel is both one of the most iconic designs, most used designs in Star Trek, and a C-store ship in this game, I think the time to correct these issues can be justified.
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05-26-2012, 07:00 PM
Personally I'm more concerned that the wings aren't really joined to the hull. At least they weren't last time I actually flew in one.
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05-27-2012, 09:31 AM
Yeah, I've not found a good picture to confirm that angle yet so I hadn't posted it.

There are also gaps in the main hull now that I look at it again, between the main engine at the rear, and the rest of the lower main hull. Also, the humps on the top, you can see through them at some angles from "the inside", and it's as though they're not there.

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