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QIb'etlh (Shadow Sword)
While he Bortasq flagship project draw all the attention from the
forces in the quadrant, Klingon Intelligence designed their own
new battle cruiser to cover and surgical strike missions.
The new QIb'etlh Battle cruiser utilizes the newest developments in technology
from the allied races in the Klingon empire. Of note are the newly
developed engine system and the under slung long range particle
accelerator sniper gun with variable energy matrix.

Qlb'etlh Battlecruiser
(To the Devs, if you want to use this design, drop me a note and we can talk)

Keeping in the same spirit of providing a different variant for each
class, this ship is also available in 3 variants,
Tactical Strike Cruiser, Engineering Battle cruiser, Science Infiltrator
Each version comes with a special universal console that can
only be used with this ship type. Equipping all three consoles on a
single ship grants a set bonus.

In addition each ship provides a hull material unlock, usable with this
ship type.

1) standard green Klingon hull materials and yellow glow effects.
(Orion inspired)
2) dark armored look with greenish glows and trails
(Nausicaan inspired)
3) Smooth matte black (think Jem Hadar shield hull material
look, minus the purple parts) with tetryon blue glow and engine trails.
(Maybe thats the coloring Lethan ships use?)

A New modern bridge style would be very nice, but i think we could live
without it for the time being.

Bridge Officer Stations (Note: The number indicates the number of skills the station offers)
Tactical Variant
Tac LT Com 3
Eng Com 4
Eng Lt Com 3
Sci Lt 2

Engineering Variant
Tac LT 2
Ens 1
Eng Com 4
Eng LT Com 3
Sci LT 2

Science Variant
Tac LT 2
Eng LT Com 3
Eng LT Com 3
Sci Com 4

Note: I think the lt com tac station on the tactical variant is
important, kdf players wanted a cruiser type class ship with such
station for a long time. This alone will generate some sales.

Hull 40000
Crew 1000
Impulse Modifier 0.17
Turnrate 10
Shield Modifier 1.05 Tac, 1.05 Eng, 1.25 Sci
Inertia 40
Devices 4

Cloaking Device,
The installed cloaking device is special, it can draw power from a
fully charged particle accelerator to enable battle clock when used so.
Draining the charge of the particle accelerator down to 0 again.
Battleclock ability gets unlocked automatically when the charge of the
particle accelerator hits 120, power icon enable.

Note: Stats are raised in general slightly to reflect the more modern
design and technology of the ship. The science variant has no special
science powers, but gets instead the full science ship shield modifier.

Power Bonus
+10 weapons, +10 Engine
+5 Weapons, +5 Engines, +5 Shield, +5 Aux
+5 Shield, +5 Engine, +10 Aux

Console Layout
Tactical Engineering Science
Eng 3 4 3
Sci 3 3 4
Tac 4 3 3

Tactical Console
- Particle Accelerator Sniper Gun
This console activates the spinal mounted particle accelerator beam
weapon system the ship is construed around. Equipping the console
activate a 5th forward facing weapon slot in which a dual beam bank can
be slotted. The slotted weapon determines the base damage, energy type
and other bonuses the particle accelerator utilizes. Firing the
accelerator costs 120 energy. It can be fired once per 60 seconds and
recharges at a rate of 1 per second. Yes that means it can be fired
after 60 seconds at 60 energy drain or any point thereafter up to having
0 energy drain at 120 seconds. Extended range of 15km for the main
accelerator shot. Firing effect similar to the M.A.C.O. rifle. Firing
the accelerator acts as Beam Overload 3 with a firing arc of 25 degrees.

Note: The reason for this strange arrangement is to allow players
flexibility in what energy type weapons they want to use. Instead of
pretty much forcing them into the standard type of a disruptor for a
Klingon vessel. Since the vessel is pretty much constructed around this
gun, it is its primary focus of abilities. I believe that the high fire
rate is balanced by the fact that the charge of the particle
accelerator can also be used for the battle cloak which in return
would increase the time before the gun be fired again, to up to 4
minutes between two fully charged blasts.

Engineering Console
- Gravimetric Engine booster
This console augments all impulse engines to operate like hyper impulse
engines in regard to energy efficiency plus providing a +2 turn rate
bonus to the base statistics of the ship, as well as a 10 bonus to
Note: The idea here is to bolster the vessels ability to make
actual use of its ability to use dual cannons with their limited firing
arcs at the cost of a console slot.

Science Console
- Warp Field Geometry Control Circuit
This console provides the ship it is equipped the ability to make fine
grained adjustments to its sub light warp field bubble. Granting it the
ability to break all snares and holds upon activation and during the
activation time. Similar to Attack Pattern Omega, minus the attack
buffs. The effect lasts 10 seconds and is modified by the driver coil
skill for duration. Cooldown of 2 minutes.
Note: Here is the idea to provide the ship some defense against holds,
enabling it to reach its firing position more easily, something a
cruiser, especially a tactical cruiser is notorious bad at.

Set Bonus
- Warp Field Harmonics

Equipping more then one console from this ship class grants additional
bonuses, a +3 warp speed in sector space when 2 consoles are equipped.
And for using all 3 consoles a +10 defense bonus in normal space is
Note: Here i think the effect will fit the theme of the ship
design without going overboard, but providing a useful set bonus that
will make players want to use all 3 consoles.
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# 2
05-15-2012, 03:23 PM
You put lots of work in to this and it's no where nearly as overpowered as Fed +1 concepts. Also love the 3D design.

I like the idea of a Sniping Cruiser it's Unique and interesting, but using the Flagship 3 variant design concept isn't a good idea because I don't think they will be doing that again for awhile. I think a lot of us just want a more Tactical Cruiser like the Excelsior the Feds have. Since we have the Eng, & Sci focused ones already even if it's an Orion design.

How about focusing it on filling the Cruiser we're missing, a High Tactical Cruiser like the Excelsior, but with Superior Klingon Design. Also I don't think a Carrier BOFF layout will fly.

Eng, 4 & 2
Tac 3
Sci 2
Uni 1

I'm willing to fold the Universal into Engineering.

Bump the turn to 11, and sorry to say but your particle variable attack idea while awesome may be beyond the limits of the game engine and you'll have to settle for the 2 min cooldown. Battle cloak is also just not going to happen on a cruiser. As for special abilities, the Main gun will probably rule out consoles.
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# 3
05-16-2012, 06:34 AM
I like it as well, though I would think in light of its special abilities that a BOff set-up like this would be fair.

LTC - tactical (3)
Commander - engineer (4)
LT - engineer (2)
LT - science
Ensign - tactical

and make it the first KDF battle Cruiser with a LTC tactical slot (outside of the BortasQu') and if that is too OP of a BOff lay-out then drop the ensign slot and run with just four BOffs.

heck, give it a retro D-7 skin option and I would be as happy as a targ in dirt.
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# 4
05-16-2012, 06:59 AM
The KDF needs more ships like this, awsome, daunting and like a shadow would be nice to see the Devs use your design
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# 5
05-16-2012, 07:47 AM
Nice and interesting design!!

/mode sarcasm ON

What happened with US ... US (the Gorn are important species in the Klingon Empire) have a good technology and ideas!!!! take some of us too!!!

/mode OFF

I hope too that the devs take your model... only one question: Why only Engineering variant have 5 Boff?? the other variant not need the 5??

Good Luck, Good Work
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# 6
05-16-2012, 08:06 AM
As a Fed, I'd like to blow it up... :p
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# 7
05-16-2012, 10:26 AM
Great Work!

I think this is the only ship build idea that had my attention enough to read it all lol

Very well thought out, and nicely done. Not crazy OP like some ideas I have heard
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# 8
05-17-2012, 12:46 AM
I'd buy it just for the looks. The idea about a rival to the Excelsior is a good one.
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# 9
05-17-2012, 12:52 AM
Nice work! Would love to see it ingame!
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# 10
05-17-2012, 10:27 AM
I got to say I am really liking this design and set up. I would buy it in a split second if it came to the C-Store! The consoles have really good use. I've been wanting a kdf ship that rivals the excelsior.

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