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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
Looks: Not an ugly ship, but not Klingon.
Klingon ships have to be menacing, this is way too frail, too graceful.
This is a ship used by a race that's used to plot in the shadows, not one for frontline warriors... this is a Romulan take on the Negh'Var.

Stats: You've not really tried to make it balanced, have you?

BOFF layouts: The "12 BOFF abilities" rule-of-thumb is pretty bad.
A LTC BOFF ability is obviously stronger than an Ensign one, so it's silly to pretend that a "C, LTC, LTC, LT" layout is balanced with the usual "C, LTC, LT, LT, E".

Consoles: 9 is the standard.
Odyssey/Bortasqu' are supposed to be exceptions (and at the moment, they are), not the rule.

Impulse Modifier: not balanced and makes no sense. Science Vessels are a lot more eligible for a better Imod than Cruisers.

Shield Mod: Once again, why does it need 1.05 as a Cruiser?

Battle Cloak? Yeah, look at the ships that normally have Battle Cloaks.
They've got half the Hull of this thing and a worse Shield Mod.

And the Vor'cha-R's turn rate on top? Plus a bonus from the Eng console to DSSV levels?
Which doesn't, as advertised, "cost a console slot" because this has 10 instead of the standard 9?

And it'd be the only ship able to snipe beyond the max range limit?

Yeah, absolutely no attempt at balance.
There is much Irony in this post. So, do you still feel this way?


Type:Battle Cruiser
Standard Shields:5,748 (Mk X)
Shield Modifier:1.1
Weapons: 4 4
Can equip dual cannons.
Bridge Officers:
Device Slots:3
Consoles: 4 4 2
Turn Rate:10
Impulse Modifier:0.15
Inertia rating:30
Bonus Power:+10 weapons power
+10 engine power
Abilities: Cloak

That's the Fleet Vorcha. Oh and that battle cloak you were so scared of? If you had read the OP you'd notice it's not a full on battle cloak like a bop has. It has to be charged, and from my understanding you get that -or- the sniper shot. Speaking of, let's also not forget that carrier pets already engage from 15km away from a given target.

The Fleet Vorcha has a superior Shield mod and stronger tac consoles. Let's also not forget the fleet Vorcha Does possess a Uni station which enables it to have either a sci or extra eng slot.

The Fleet Vorcha's superior eng stations to this ship also allows it to more safely mount everyones favorite Zen Store Goodies as well.

The Fleet Vorcha also will have superior shield tanking due to the LT Tac station, which means a second Tac Team. Or with Conn Officers, you can load it up with a HY1, or BO1. So the Fleet Vorcha, again will do stronger damage on average.

I also feel it necessary to point out that the Bortas is a Terribad Failcruiser. It should NOT be used in any discussion for game balance concerns. It's a vastly inadequate ship compared to the other KDF cruisers. (despite, or perhaps in spite of the fact that it has another console)

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+1, support. Maybe feds can have their Typhoon class alongside this? Though it sounds a bit like a faster dreadnought too me, kind of scares me...

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