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Wouldn't it be great if we could use the duty officer system to direct the ship in sector space? Think about it. We could have a little category of shipboard missions such as, " transwarp to starbase 39 Sierra" and "fly to the Khazan cluster." Since we would be on the ship, then we don't need animations or anything other than a timer and a loading screen. Set the timer to what it would take to travel at warp 9 (seriously, in the shows, the starships only traveled at maximum warp in dire emergencies and at their own peril). The ship wouldn't even have to fly through sector space, which is often too crowded, anyways. Fewer starships out and about in sector space would help to give the game a more "spacey" feel. As it stands, Sirius sector block feels more like the downtown freeway in Dallas at 5:15 pm than outer space.

So how about it? Could the duty officer system be the way to finally fly the ship in sector space from inside the ship?

I would suggest making the missions conn and astrometrics officer oriented.

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