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# 1 Praxian Alliance Episodes
05-12-2012, 01:31 PM
I am making this post to announce the first mission in the Praxian Alliance Series!

Everyone go check out "Praxian Alliance 01 - Outbreak" by SkaldRa

This mission starts when you receive a PRIORITY 01 DISTRESS CALL from the USS Davengrad. They have encountered an unknown alien ship that is not in the database. Who are these mysterious aliens and what link might they have to the highest ranks of Starfleet Intelligence? Work alongside Admiral Crusher to investigate the strange happenings aboard the USS Davengrad and unlock the secrets of Starfleet Intelligence.

** Please note, if you searched for my mission via the author name, you will see 3 other missions as well. The other missions can not be accessed without taking me along the way. Feel free to send me a mail message if you would like to experience these other missions. And PLEASE do not rate my other missions poorly when you cant find them or complete them alone... they were designed to incorporate my character as a fully interactive NPC. Again, Outbreak is the ONLY mission I have currently published to be played without me... more to come. **

This mission set was inspired by my fleet - no the mission will not try to recruit you, its just some fun our fleet would like to share with the rest of STO. Our fleet site has information about the Praxian People and the Alliance... again, just for info, we are not trying to recruit you.
Lt. Commander
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05-28-2012, 08:32 PM
Have you played Outbreak yet?

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