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05-20-2012, 01:35 PM
Thanks for the Reply Regina, as im totally green horn, with what may as well be an ebay character (as im returning) what skill/BO/Item/Ship setup would you recomend as high end for me, i really appreciate the time it takes, to sort out, i just cant find this info myself on the forums, and i spent hours looking, and using search function

Once again, thanks for the support, STO has a great community.
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05-20-2012, 03:04 PM
Happy to help, though I won't claim to be an expert, just experienced enough to avoid the stuff that gets labeled super-noob. I normally fly science or escort though so only know the basics about cruisers.

When you say not knowing the ship details, have you found the Spidermitch charts? These things may as well be my desktop wallpaper.

From what I've seen for cruisers, 6 beam arrays seems to be the norm. More than that, and some back-of-then-envelope math says you'll actually start doing less damage from too much power drain. Type doesn't matter so long as they're all the same. Probably avoid plasma though, as if you ever get into PVP almost everyone is using anti-Borg gear which has a plasma resistance. Maybe a torpedo fore as a finishing hammer (with High Yield Torpedo), and either another aft or possibly a mine layer.

If I were building an Oddy for STFing though, just as a basic starter ship, I would set it up as:
Fore Weapons: 3 Mk XI Beam Arrays, 1 Mk XI Quantum or Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher
Aft: 3 Mk XI Beam Arrays, 1 Mk XI Quantum or Tricobalt Torpedo or 1 Cloaked Tractor-Beam, Quantum, or Tricobalt Mine Launcher.
Deflector: Mk XI Positron Deflector (Until I can get a Borg Deflector)
Engines: Mk XI Combat Impulse Engines (Until I can get a Borg Subtranswarp Engine)
Shields: Mk XI Covariant Shield (Until I can get the MACO Mk XI or XII shield)
Engineering Consoles: 4 (or 5) Mk XI Blue Neutronium Alloy
Science Consoles: Assimilated Borg Module, Field Generator Mk XI Blue, Not Sure What Else
Tac Consoles: 2 Mk XI Blue damage boosts for whatever kind of beam you go with.

Commander Engineering
Emergency to Shields 1, Auxiliary to Inertial Dampeners 1, Auxiliar to Structural Field 2, Extend Shields 3
Lt Commander Universial (Science)
Science Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Gravity Well 1
Lt Science
Polarize Hull 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Lt Tactical
Tactical Team 1, Torpedo High Yield 2 or Attack Pattern Beta 1 or Delta 1
Ensign Universal (Engineering)
Emergency to Shields 1

On the skills, other than what I mentioned earlier, I went with a couple choices for certain reason. 2 Emergency to Shields, with their 30-second up-times, means you should always have one of them on, giving you a constant damage-reduction bonus and a constant shield regen boost. Combined with all those neutronium consoles you will be able to take a lot of punishment (on normal difficulty you'll be damn-near indestructable). The Aux to Inertial Dampeners can give you an extra speed and turning boost when Evasive is on cooldown and you need to turn NOW, and will make you escort-nimble for a few seconds. Aux to Structural Field can do a lot of healing, and with only a 15 second cooldown you can use it constantly. Extend Shields only works on friendlies and not yourself, and you'll need someone to train you, but its one of the best cruiser team skills. The second tactical skill slot, use High Yield if you want to have a big heavy punch for when you've got your target's shields down, and especially if you go with tricobalt torpedoes. Attack Pattern Beta only moderately reduces your target's damage reduction for a few seconds, BUT it will help your beams and anyone on your team also shooting at that target. Delta is similar but stronger, but they have to be attacking you first which does no good if they're more interested in some escort.

Power, you want to set up 2 modes. For mode 1, combat mode, set weapons 95, shields 40, engines 25, aux 40. With your Warp Core skills and maybe an Efficient BOFF or two, you will be pretty close to max damage and have enough power elsewhere to fulfil your role. For more 2, healer/grav-well mode, weapons 25, shields 75, engines 25, aux 75. When you use this mode, you switch to it, fire off your gravity well or when you need your heals to do as much as absolutely possible, then switch back to combat mode. This will cost you most of your beam damage for a few seconds, so use it only when really needed, and don't forget to switch back when you're done.

Again, this is only a basic rounded build, nothing too fancy, but its a decent starting point as you figure out what you personally most enjoy or want to get into more exotic layouts.
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05-20-2012, 03:43 PM
Thats bloody brilliant, i really appreciate that, and thats for the Sci Oddy? as a ship, looks like a solid set up, 1 last thing, sorry again here. what about character skill allocation?

Would you be so kind as to make a for me as to where to allocate the points to get the optimal performance. sorry for the hassel, but you have dont a totally brilliant job.
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05-20-2012, 05:39 PM
Umm, okay. A couple of important disclaimers though: First, I've never played a science captain before so I'm guessing on the ground abilities. My science ship has an engineering captain. Second, unlike when helping with ship builds, character builds are pretty permanent unless you want to buy a lot of respec tokens. As such, take this an idea, not gospel. Adjust it to what you like and your long term character goals and play style. This is only another player's opinion.

So, my idea is

The idea was breadth over depth. Important skills that you'll use a lot are at 6, skills that have minimal impact but you might use are at 3, and skills that function as resists are at 3. Some players out there will hugely disagree with me, but I prefer my character to work in lots of situations and not need respeccing every time i change ships. Different styles.

As to ship type, what I designed earlier can be either a Science or Operations cruiser.

If you get the Operations cruiser, you will be faster (after seperation) and more durable (because of consoles). Spend the 5th engineering console on either yet another neutronium alloy, or on an EPS Flow Regulator Mk XI Blue to speed up switching power modes. In the remaining science slot, either another Field Emitter for extra shielding, or an Emitter Array Mk XI Blue to boost your numerous shield heal powers.

If you go for the Science cruiser, you will be a better healer because of the worker bees, and over time you will do more damage with the sensor analysis (if a fight lasts that long). In that case you'll have 2 extra science console slots, which I'd fill with a pair of Emitter Arrays to max out healing, or Particle Generators to boost the damage of Gravity Well and Photonic Fleet, or Flow Capacitors for extra drain if you go with Polaron or Tetryon weapons.

Also another BOFF ability occurred to me. Instead of the Auxiliary to Inertial Dampeners 1 on your engineer, another interesting ability that received a recent boost is Reverse Shield Polarity 1. The cooldown is something like 3 minutes, and the power only lasts for a few seconds, but during that time any energy attacks will heal your shields instead damaging them. Particularly if someone is just starting to unload on you with a huge amount of energy damage that would otherwise stomp you (like an escort's alpha strike), it can be a real emergency butt saver. But as I said, hugely long cooldown and only lasts for a few seconds. I'm not sure what I'd do, I guess try them both without putting points in just yet, see which one you like more, then max it out.

And lastly, when you do start running STFs and saving up Encrypted Data Chips to buy Borg-slayer gear, every wednesday a different mission gets you double chips even if you fail the optional. I believe its Khitomer Accord this week. Only 5 runs on normal will get you enough EDC to buy the assimilated deflector and engines. Good hunting!

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