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I'm looking for a fleet that matches my interests and profile. I'm a casual gamer who's usuallly online for 60 - 90 minutes every few days, and then another 90 - 150 minutes Saturdays and Sundays. I am in the Eastern time zone.

I am level 50 and have about 2 million energy credits from breeding and selling rare and very rare tribbles. I enjoy crafting and have been creating Aegis equipment as of late. I'm almost through the Romulan Storyline, but still have several storylines and episodes to complete.

Over 40, I love all things trek. I'm looking for a guild that will enhance my ingame experience and expand my list of friends. There aren't a lot of multiplayer missions, but I'd love to be part of a fleet rescuing star base 24 or stopping a Borg advance in the Alpha Centauri sector. Where is that colony anyway?

I'd like expand my knowlegde of all things trek, and maybe work with a group of people to create missions in the Foundry. Has anyone tried to reinvent 'The Man Trap?" A M-113 Salt Vampire lose on your ship would make for an interesting story.

If you think I'd make a good addition to your fleet, please contact me at my in-game email, Shyster220.

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