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# 1 Trev's Atrox Build
06-09-2012, 12:45 AM
Thought I would post my Atrox build and invite some feedback on it. I don't PVP, but I welcome comments on the survivability of my build in PVP.

Atrox Build; USS Felis ex Machina

Bridge Officer Skills;
LT Tac; Tac Team 1, Tac Team 2
LT Com Eng; Emerg Power to Shields, Eng Team II, Auxiliary to Structural Field II
Lt Com Sci; Polarize Hull, Energy Siphon I, Charged Particle II
Com Sci; Hazard Emitters, Charged Particle I, Feedback Pulse II, Gravity Well II

Doff Skils;
Chance to reduce evasive maneuver recharge
Chance to reduce subsytem targeting recharge
Recharge time bridge officer abilities reduced x2
Chance to create aftershock gravity well

Ship Equipment
Fore Weapons; 3x Mark XII Anti Proton Very Rare
Aft Weapons; 3X Mark XI Anti Proton Very Rare
Deflector; Maco Mark XI
Engine; Borg Assimilated Subtranswarp
Shield; Maco Mark XI

Consoles (All Consoles Mark XI Rare)
Eng; Neutriom Armour, Emergency Force Fields, RCS Accelerator
Sci; Assimilated Borg Module, Emitter Array, Power Insulator, Biofunction Monitor
Tac; 2x Anti Proton Mag Regulators

Power Settings
Weapons; 82/60
Shields; 80/60
Engine; 76/55
Aux; 56/25

Edit Forgot to mention the most important part of a carrier, the fighters! I have the Advanced Pegrine, Stalker, Runabout, and Delta Flyer. I switch them out according to what is needed, though I only have one hangar of each.
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# 2
06-09-2012, 02:06 AM
juat a few thoughts.

your engine power is prolly too high. you can siphon the extra to weapons and or shields and or aux. Carriers don't really turn fast. Its usually best just to accept that and spend your consoles/ power boosting what it does best instead of trying to make it do something it will never do well - turn.

are your doffs for reduced recharge the technicians? because those only work when you use aux to battery - a skill you didn't list. you may be better served with warp core engineers or damage control engineers or deflector officer. if you are a science officer sensors officer is another great one.

From your bridge officer set up it looks like you are trying to do a little bit of everything. you may be best served focusing on a role type instead of trying to be a jack of all trades.I prefer to heal/ support

science builds require you to micro your power levels more than any other class. i usually pump my aux before i use my sci powers then return to more weapon power while waiting for the powers to recharge. Unless i need to go into tank mode and that's just almost everything in shields and aux - great for pvp

My boffs are as follows

tac team 1/ attack pattern delta 1
emp power to shields 1 and 2/ aux to structural

transfer shield strength 1/ tractor repulsors 1/ grav well 1 and 3
transfer shield strength 1/ hazard emitters 2 and 3

transfer shield strength 1/ scaemble sensors 1/ grav well 1 and 3
hazard emitters 1/ scramble sensors 1/ hazard emitters 3
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# 3
06-09-2012, 07:01 AM
Unless you use Aux to Battery ditch the Technicians.

You could use two Tac Team Conn Officers (Blue & Purple) and get by with only a single Tac Team.

I see your also making the usual mistake with Weapons, Mk XII very rare doesn't tell us anything. It's like saying I have Good Weapons. It's all about the Modifiers and very rare means three, but if all three are [CritD] you'd probably be better dropping them for Uncommon with a single [Acc]. But I think your running Borg weapons so [Acc][Borg][CritD].
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# 4
06-09-2012, 09:40 AM
if you've been opening lockboxes or the Gamma Quad doff packs, i suggest picking up the rapid fire feriengi missiles, i use them a lot on my Atrox since i broadside alot, and with high yeild torp, they do decent attack damage, and fire almost constantly because of my blue projectile office plus its default proc, since they are two different procs, ones almost always guaranteed to go off, at least for me its nearly always procced.
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# 5
06-09-2012, 11:11 AM
Thank you everyone. I didn't know that the tech's only worked with aux to batt. My fault for not investigating more. I've switched them out with the warp core engineer and a shield distro officer. If I don't like that set up, I'll change it out for the sensors officer.

Also, Dknight I did make the typical "DUR HUR I HAZ GOOD WEPS" mistake there...>....<. You're also correct in thinking they are all borg weapons. I use them cause Borg are my favorite thing to hunt. I'm going to change out the RCS as well for another defense console.

I'm going to work on BOFF skills and see what role I like to have. Oh and Tenkari, I want one of those missile launchers as well. Just need to get a little cash up to open some boxes/doff packs.

Thanks for taking a look guys.
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# 6
06-09-2012, 12:04 PM
The more specific you are with your weapons the better advice we can give you.

Borg weapons are basically Blue Quality or Rare for PVP and since you expressed an interest I'll explain it.

[Acc] is the best bonus a weapon can have, it helps you hit your target more often, but also when you get it above the 100% chance to hit all the extra accuracy becomes both Critical Hit [CrtH] and Critical Severity [CritD].

[Borg] only works on Borg and only NPC ones, not sure what that's meant to mean. Maybe the Sphere will be in a Lock Box soon. For anything other than the Borg it's like having nothing at all. And thus downgrades weapons to blue when not fighting the Borg.

[CrtH] increases the chance to get a Critical Hit, many consider it to be the second best bonus for a weapon.

[Dmg] most peoples number three, it's a flat out damage bonus to every shot that hits and when you get a crit it increase the damage there to because if your base damage is higher than the crit will be higher too.

[CritD] This is what most people consider to be the worst, as it buffs the damage crits do, and getting more crits with [CrtH] would be preferable.

So for PVP, a Green [Acc] would be preferable to a Blue [CritD]x2. I'd want [Acc]x2 minimum on any weapon I mount for PVP.

Also from my Experiance [CrtH] is the best for Mines, They don't seem to benefit from the [Dmg] buff. Since Mines hit every time if the enemy is in range. And there is no [Acc] although I would have liked to see [Acc] replaced with an ability to increase their lock on range.

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