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Fleet Name: Starfleet of The Damned

Fleet Admiral: Polos@Donpolos, Golfos@Donpolos; Rolfos@Donpolos

Fleet Status: Actively Recruiting up to 100

Min Rank to Join Fleet: Level 10 / Lt.Cmdr

Starting Fleet Rank: Cadet

Task Specific Rank: One of three: Recruitment Officer, Event-Manager, Bank Marshall

Fleet Promotion
: Promotion is based on participation. i.e. Attending Meeting, Events, and Fleet Chat. New members are cadets for 3 weeks at least. In this time they can show their activity, ability to communicate, participation on fleet life and earning the trust of the members. Members who are still cadets after six weeks of joining the fleet will be kicked, because they seem not to able to play in the fleet! (Does not apply for 2nd+ chars)

Time Zone and Location Requirements: There are no requirements on time zone or location.

Fleet Language Requirements: The main language in chat is English as a consensus of all languages and nationalities. We are mainly German and American but welcome all.

Fleet Rules: Respect all members of Starfleet. Hold yourself to a higher standard.

Fleet Website and Requirements:

Fleet Ideals: The founders of this fleet were kicked over night by a megalomaniac that became admiral of their old fleet (The United Federation Peace Corps) and were defamed for things they’ve not committed.
So they founded the Starfleet of the Damned at Stardate 89875.77 (April, 9th 2012 Date-on-Earth) and established a fair, transparent, easy and secure fleet-system to the new founded institution. Now we are a little fleet with experienced, helpful, international and active playing members.
We welcome new active players and want grow up again.
We help each other with missions and leveling on STO and have fun together at fleet-events like STF’s or Starbase24 and Shuttle PvPs.
We attach importance to activity and friendliness. But we aren’t maniacs and also have a real life and jobs, so there will be room and understanding for these things!
We hate roughness and ignorance against other fleet members.

Our ultimate goal is to become one of the top tier fleets.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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05-22-2012, 12:28 PM
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