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# 1 Khitomer Ground Issues
05-23-2012, 08:49 AM
Could we get the Khitomer Accord Ground STF fixed?

Right now its a real pain in the @#$ to try and explain to countless random people that "No, you really don't have to kill this group" or that we should skip the elite before the door because it can be done without aggroing anything in its group and the second elite doesn't have any other tactical drones with it, etc

So, instead of having to constantly explain this to people more apt ignore anything and everything you say as opposed to listening (reading) to reason, how about you just fix the instance so it actually works the way you intended it to when you updated it?

Either make the door only open after every group in a straight line path from the starting room has been completely eliminated or put in separate doors staggered along that path that open after the group before them has been killed.

Since this means an extra pack has to drop either way, you could have the optional timer hold off on starting until either you get to the second elite or, if doing the staggered doors, you pass through the first door (which would be right before the room with the second elite).

Donatra or whoever it is could yell out "Primary defensive perimeter breached!" or something.

This would very nicely get rid of the headache that ensues every time you get some ignorant newbie who thinks they know what is going on.

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