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05-24-2012, 06:37 AM
I cast my vote to keep STOked as an audio podcast. At the time of my vote, 103 votes were cast with 76% saying Yes, keep STOked as an audio. So here is hoping that early results continue the trend.

For some of the previous comments made, I am sorry but I do not agree with the "Us vs Cryptic/PWE." Chris mentioned this possibility in the live show on Sat and while he did comment about the direction of the game, I felt it was more of a 1 - 2 punch of poduction costs for a live show and the recording taking time from his family.

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05-24-2012, 06:52 AM

it's sad to see the video format go,
i mean, that is kind of Jupiter Broadcasting's *thing* to do videos like that.

you have all the equipment, Hardware and infrastructure sitting there, it would be a shame not to use it for STOked anymore.

But yes i take a radio podcast over no podcast at all every day.
(but only if Chris stops humming the A-Team them! )

Being able to play STO and listen to STOked would not be the worst thing in the world,
i just think it would be a bit sad to not use all that tech for what it was intended for.

That said, it would be even more sad to not hear from you guys anymore at all.
I would even take an audio show without Chris, just Murphy, Irish and Asmick would still be a nice Audio PodCast and to me it would still be STOked, and Chris could hop in whenever he has something to say about STOked.

If you want to go Audio, i can live with that.

Just... make sure that you have an in-game chat channel then, instead of this IRC window below the video stream when you are live.

Tabbing out of STO to just chat with you guys is the one step that many would probably not want to do.

Speaking just for myself, i noticed that i've developed the habit of watching only the live show on Saturday afternoon, and then don't watch the published show at all.
So most of the visuals i didn't get to see anyway.

Info + Communication > fluffy visuals

that said,
how about you still keep a video segment in addition to the audio podcast, that just displays the things that you are talking about (some things just need visuals).
Just a 5 minute segment with tweetleaked visuals for example,
maybe some game footage showing off that foundry mission you are talking about...
stuff like that.

A 2 - 5 minute clip per week to go along with the audio show would surely be easier to produce than a full hour video show.


anyway thank you for all the Podcast.

STO would not be the same without STOked.

************************************************** ***********

Originally Posted by Askray View Post
Why is it all of us vs something Never understood why people think they can speak for everyone.

Anyways I get after awhile you do get tired of a game.
We are not getting tired of the game, we love the game, that is why we are so vocal about Crypitc screwing it up for ALL of us. (some just care more, some care less)

We are getting tired of shady business practices.
We are getting tired of seeing these FILTHY advertisement boxes everywhere in OUR game, that we love and paid money for, over years now, that we helped to develop to what it is today by spending time on Test Servers, which would be Cryptics Q&A departments job really, that we helped by providing unpaid Community Moderators so that PWE's Bosses do not have to pay a dedicated Employee for keeping the Forums clean anymore and so the poor boss man can put gas in his Porsche's tank.

I love playing the DOff System, i love playing the STF's (my MACO XII armor is proof of that).

So don't tell us that we are getting tired of the GAME.

And for the record, i do not blame the Dev's, i blame the money making decision guys upstairs, you know, the ones who would never even think to show their Nicknames in these Forums to talk to us.

/off topic rant
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# 23
05-24-2012, 07:01 AM
Look Chris, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

I've been watching STOked since Episode 6 and enjoyed it a lot! Thank you and your crew for your time and continous effort to create this podcast week by week.

However, I'm not interested in yet another audio podcast, the video format made STOked clearly the ultimate and the most enjoyable podcast of them all.
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# 24
05-24-2012, 07:03 AM
I voted "No video, no thanks".

Sure, STOked is more than just the video, but if the return on investment and future outlooks on the game are so bleak that you have to end STOked, then I don't see any value in continuing it as an audio show.

For that, I can just listen to Priority One, because I still like playing STO and can get virtually the same news and views there.

I'd much rather they refocused and brough back their LOTSO video show, which focused on a wider variety of games, where there'd be more to talk about. On a show with a format like that, you could talk about STO from time to time when there's something new - similar to the episodes they had dedicated to Champions Online.

If STOked is dead, then let's respect the "do not resucitate" notice and move on.

I hope they continue on with TORked, because that MMO has much better content to talk about.
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# 25
05-24-2012, 07:07 AM
Honestly, I think maybe it would make sense for some of the podcasts to consolidate.

As was mentioned on I think both STOked and Podcast UGC, this game has an unusual number of podcasts for its size.

I also think the editorial view of a lot of the podcasts is starting to become indistinguishable and podcasts that started with a particular focus like Podcast UGC or RSA have drifted because so much of what has happened with the direction of the game has become an elephant in the room.

I've heard the sentiment from multiple podcasters that it's time for another summit.

I would implore Chris to consider being the one to host the summit this time. I think the discussion was tilted towards RSA doing it. I think STOked has the biggest audience.

Here's my suggestion:

Give RSA the PvP segment. Fold at least some of the hosts from Podcast UGC (there's a ton of them when you count folks like alt and nem who aren't there all the time) into the Foundry files team. Let Primetime UGC take over video production and go with a machinima model, while also inheriting STOked's bumps.

If not outright make STOked a hybrid, work out a deal to make it the aggregator for podcasts. The Drudge or HuffPo of STO news and opinions. I think it's a lot for Chris to be star and exec producer.

Maybe look, at the very least, at having Chris as a frequent guest contributor on the other shows in exchange for centralizing some of the podcasts.

Go the CSI route. Have...

STOked PvP: Red Shirt Army


STOked Primetime

There might be some reordering there. You might find by collaborating that some hosts work better on certain shows.

I think Chris might appreciate dialing back to a role more like Kirkfat's or Castmodeon's, a "Founder of the Feast."

I think he's got the biggest audience. I think RSA is basically RSA but the other shows maybe have the wrong audience. I think Priority One is the outlier but has the voice talent for more comedy bumps in the vein pfdennis is doing. Adding the work STOked to the other podcasts and distributing them through Jupiter Broadcasting would probably up their numbers.

Chris could basically just show up like Rupert Murdoch on Fox or Ted Turner on CNN back when he was involved there. He might be able to help coordinate interviews the shows wouldn't ordinarily get. And he could maybe do a weekly news roundtable with the folks from the other shows.
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05-24-2012, 08:15 AM
STOked is largely a video showing people talking. I see no reason why you shouldn't switch to an audio only format, you will lose very little.

Go for it.
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# 27
05-24-2012, 08:24 AM
Personally I think it's a bit of an overreaction have done so much with the show, I mean you have kept the quality up through some really huge changes.

I'll support you either way...but I would give it until Autumn to make your decision things are still in flux at Cryptic (obviously) and you need to give them a chance to settle out and find their footing.

Unless you know something we don't.
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# 28
05-24-2012, 08:33 AM
I think the video podcast was useful in a way that will be hard to beat with audio.

I'm easily distracted and the video helped me to focus on what was being said and how it was being said. Sometimes the visuals were needed to illustrate the point, such as the DOFF overview and the Foundry Files.

But I'd rather have audio than no STOked at all. I can appreciate the production costs of video.
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# 29
05-24-2012, 08:33 AM
Why does it have to be a Weekly Show?

Why not go to a Bi-Weekly or Once-A-Month format?

If you go to just an Audio Format, you are going to lose your uniqueness and may end up being just another podcast.

I really enjoy the aspect of actually Seeing the person/people talking, though I may be pretty much alone in that, from what I've read here so far.

Perhaps you need to ask yourself...
What can you do as an Audio broascast, that the others can't?

Then go from there.
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# 30
05-24-2012, 08:37 AM
Im sorry no disrespect to you Chris but STOKED for me really hasnt been the same since Jeremy left to join Cryptic. Its just not the same. The one on one interaction (not over skype or whatever else) really made the show enjoyable to watch. Now its just not that interesting anymore. And No I dont share the negative outlook for STO you folks around here seem to have. I really believe we will be playing this game in 5 years.

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