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Hi everyone... Kirk here...

Anyway I have an unusual problem, I have a gaming pc with a ASUS AMD6850 grpahics card...

The issue I have is this, if I shrink the game down to task bar and reload, the quality of the graphics changes!

The game always loads up in DX9, I can see the lack of detail, however if I shrink the game down and then back up, it loads up in dx11... The difference is amazing, and this also uses the GPU rather then cpu load, I have noticed this also!

Now your going to say change it in trouble shooting, I have, when I do that and set it to dx11 BETA... The game fails to load at all, I have to have it set to auto...

My question is this, will the game ever get out of BETA for dx11 support, or will I have to have this all the time...

Its a shame because the lighting and effects are so much better, and the colours are so much richer in dx11...

Also another issue, whenever I beam into DS9 game crashes... Only does this at DS9....

Answers on a post card please!!!


and this is what I get after I click back into game...

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