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05-27-2012, 02:07 AM
Originally Posted by carmenara
Someone mentioned putting roleplaying back into MMO gaming. Here's my ship design log, enjoy

Chief Engineer's log, Stardate 90006.46
Design and Development of the 25th Century Bajoran Deep Space Patrol Vessel

Three months ago the Bajoran Militia was granted permission to recover a Galaxy class starship spotted drifting in the vicinity of Bajor's 4th moon. It was unknown why Starfleet did not recover the vessel but judging from the vessel's condition, it was presumed the ship sustained heavy damage at the end of the Dominion Wars, written off as unsalvageable and subsequently stationed near Deep Space 9 to be used as an accomodations hulk for transiting Omega Battlegroup ground forces.

After several years in this role it was presumed proper orbital habitats were constructed, and the now redundant hulk towed away for disposal; with Federation shipyards rapidly pushing new and advanced prototype vessels to serial production, pre-Dominion era ship classes were generally found to be hindrances in the new generation Starfleet's order of battle.

With Bajor's acceptance into the United Federation of Planets, interstellar commerce in the Bajoran system reached unprecedented levels. What limited resources available to the Bajoran Anchorage's yards were ill equipped to deal with the daily routine of processing and servicing merchant vessels, much less simultaneously undertake the enormous task of breaking up a Federation capital ship for disposal.

Thus, this unknown warrior languished, until the 2409 Alpha Quadrant Defence Forces Review shed light on a major shortage of deep space patrol cruisers in this sector. With significant resources being fed into continuing and seemingly endless strike warfare operations in the Gamma Orionis Theatre of Operations, few ships of sufficient range and endurance were left behind to deter serious threats to internal security such as the True Way.

Indeed, over the past year or so we have noticed a vast increase in True Way activity against Federation interests in the Alpha Quadrant.

In response, Starfleet has authorized the Bajoran Self-Defence (Space) Forces to collaborate with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to deploy a new force of deep space patrol vessels to safeguard the Bajoran Home Front from present and future threats to sovereignity and freedom of navigation.

Amongst the various proposals for creating star cruisers out of civilian liners to mimic Starfleet's Emissary class, and makeshift plans to convert merchant vessels into pseudo-fighter carriers, one proposal stood out amongst the rest of the 'redneck engineered' system defence vessels.

That plan simply involved reactivating the Bajor IV hulk, re-installing her warp core and overhauling her entire systems infrastructure to 25th Century standards. While expensive, the Galaxy class's limitations and capabilities are well known, and this proven design would be proof of the usual teething troubles associated with developing of modifying an entirely new type of vessel.

In order not to hinder Starfleet's logistics chain, alternative power and weapon systems were considered for use. The Bajoran Government, as well, hinted at the existence of classified storage areas for ship wreckage and technological salvage from the Dominion Wars.

Utilizing indigenous engineering methods, former Marquis engineers then devised a bold plan to equip 'their' new Galaxy Retrofit with Dominion propulsion and weapon systems in order to enhance combat effectiveness and maneuverability.

Christened the Chin'toka, both from the source of the majority of its retrofit materials, and to honor the sacrifices made by the Allied Forces during the Dominion War, this Galaxy Retrofit is a highly effective, multi-role deep space patrol vessel, a splendid flagship to pave the way for Bajor's newfound niche as the primary defender of free trade and navigation in the Alpha Quadrant.


An unconventional ship build was made for this ship which provides both effective engineering support and maximum DPS for its role in leading groups in both STF and roleplayed Elite mission replays. After 8 hours of evaluation in a variety of challenging tactical scenarios, USS Chin'toka returned to DS9 for post-shakedown checks and reporting.

This ship has the near-invulnerable anti-torpedo defence, and the maximum firepower from my tactical cruisers. While she has only one offensive Tactical bridge officer skill, it can be spammed almost continuously with minimal cooldown.

Indeed, as observed in earlier posts, the additional Engineering bridge officer skill can be used to great effect for versatility purposes. This ship, to me, is not something you merely throw into battle to produce numerical results. You fly it with a plan not to merely destroy a set of targets but to dominate the battlespace from start to finish sweeping through a variety of player-managed attack and maneuver patterns while coordinating ownship offensive and defensive capability with that of allied vessels.

The Galaxy-R, you could say, is a "thinking man's" ship and it generally can be appreciated only by those who can think beyond the numbers shown on damage floaters... and be the Captain you always wanted to be

There are a lot of disturbing similarities between the pedigree of your Galaxy R and mine own. There's a story for it too, but substiute "Reman" for "Bajoran" and use your imagination and you get a similar result. My Reman Officer, Master Lorcrin, was instrumental in this rebuild. Ahh, there ARE still RP nerds on the internets1
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05-27-2012, 08:36 AM
Originally Posted by carmenara
Which is exactly what we're here to do. Seriously, it's a bonus that the Gal-R is as good as it turned out to be. If I had things my way (naval enthusiast/historian background) and all, I'll have cruisers like this completely outclassed by Raptors and other fast attack craft. Or super-capital ships of the XXV Century.

Which is probably the case in PvP. But, there is much more to do in STO than get caught up in min-maxing. Everyone can min-max on game guides and Fleet veteran coaching.

But picking a ship, flying it, and writing a story based on it is something special. And just for that inspiration for putting "Star Trek" back into STO, the Galaxy Retrofit has completely satisfied me.
I was pretty fond of my Galaxy class when I was level 30-40 on both of my active toons. Despite rejecting the eternal mantra that "cruisers don't need to turn," I felt that the Gal, though sluggish, had an odd synergy in terms of inertia and turn rate that the Odyssey class grossly lacks, making it a much harder ship to control.

Would you be so kind as to summarize your build(s) once your experiment is done? I'd like to see just what the results are/were in terms of how to maximize the use of the ship.
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05-27-2012, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by Jamjumetley View Post
It's a really good ship for PvE but I haven't tested it extensively in PvP or STFs yet. After saucer separation it turns as fast as science ships in my opinion.

I'm thinking about installing 3x dual beam banks for elite STFs.

Looking forward to your mission reports
I used to see the Gal-R in pvp until the Oddy was released, I think most Gal-R capt.s Got reassined to the new Class vessel
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05-27-2012, 09:56 AM
Ah, I've lamented the obsolescence of the Galaxy-R in threads before. It's ridiculous that a C-store ship is outshone by dilithium ships. It's cool that you're enjoying yours though, but I will say this:

While it can be made to work, you won't be doing anything you won't have an easier time doing in another ship. Later on I'm gonna have another look at it to see if the doff system can drag it back up, but I doubt it. That extra engineering slot actually locks you in to taking two EPt-x powers, or engineering team. It's not appreciably better at healing than either of the tactical cruisers, and is just as poorly armed as the healing oriented cruisers.
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05-27-2012, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
While it can be made to work, you won't be doing anything you won't have an easier time doing in another ship.
Well, I'd have a hard time feeling that I was flying a ship class that was as well-defined and with such a history of being the ship Starfleet turned to when all other ships failed, if I were flying a Star Cruiser or Odyssey. Aside from that, there is also the question of how a person who comes off of commanding the T4 Exploration cruiser would find it easier to command any other ship without sacrificing their BOFF setup.

Ultimately, as has been said, this ship is not for the min-maxers to whom a ship is nothing more than numbers and stats. This is the ship for those who fell in love with the Galaxy class, along with all its strengths and failings, who want to continue to be in command of that ship permanently (i.e. in end-game content). There are other ships for captains to whom this is not true, as it should be, and the Galaxy-R has abilities that do let it perform on the level of end-game content, even if those abilities are considered 'useless' to those captains who only care that their ship be top-dog.

I'm not saying I'd oppose a slight increase in the class's abilities, but only a slight one. Something significantly added to a ship already capable of end-game content would invariably lead to either an increase in the price of the ship or a need to rebalance other ships that would, then, be questioned as to why anyone would buy them when a Galaxy-R was around. Neither of these would, in my opinion, be good changes for the playerbase.

Still, a forum's purpose is to let players exchange ideas. No doubt others feel differently about this ship, and I respect their opinions (even if some will not give that courtesy in return). However, I will not join the crowd of people who claim that the Galaxy-R has no place in the game and/or are somehow to be seen as substandard ships. Certainly, I will give any commander I see in a Galaxy-R a greater initial level of respect than I will one in an Odyssey, Star Cruiser, or Assault Cruiser because I -know- that commander has chosen their ship and drives it in spite of all the downplay upon it. That says 'dedication' and 'love of ship' to me, and I couldn't ask for more in anyone sailing alongside.
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05-27-2012, 05:29 PM
I just topped out my new FED engineer character at the beginning of the weekend. I originally stepped into a sovereign and ended up becoming bored very fast. I remembered I had unlocked the galaxy dreadnaught on my original tactical character, I ran it for about a week but gave up on it because I felt the Boff layout really handicapped the ship. I was inspired by this thread and decided to throw my new engineer in the dreadnaught and try to squeeze the most DPS out of it for his upcoming STF grind.

After doing some math I decided on the best weapon and console layout for the beast. Than I had to re work my character to get the power levels to where I wanted them. After that, I threw in an aceton beam III and a boarding party II, to try and make the ship more offensive. Even though It took me some time to dial it in, I'm pretty happy with the ship now. It will never be as powerful as my KDF engineer in his Bortasqu' Command, but I can live with it. Been through about 20 PUG's already and have been putting out more damage than almost all the other cruisers, although I might have to chalk this up to allot of weekend warriors in the PUG queue.

I realize the ship will never be able to put out the most damage or be the best tank, but I've found it's not as bad as it's reputation. And now with a new lease on life, I get to fly one of my favorite ships from the series and that's just plain fun.
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05-28-2012, 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by Red_1999
Would you be so kind as to summarize your build(s) once your experiment is done? I'd like to see just what the results are/were in terms of how to maximize the use of the ship.
Sure I would. I just didn't post a lot of updates over the weekend as I was flying the Galaxy day in day out.

I ended up with two different builds for ESTF and PvP, and I carry enough components in my character inventory, and a spare bridge officer to swap between the two on the fly.

In PvE (STF) battles are generally slow moving and a cannon-heavy loadout is great for the armored assault ship role. With only one offensive Tactical skill (besides the TT1) I use two blue technicians to chop down the recharge rate of CRF.

In PvP the stardrive section is flown exclusively and the ship is tuned for maximum speed while still retaining the almost torpedo proof dual Monotanium armor. Because of the much more confusing battlespace, higher engagement speeds and ranges, I use the standard 6 beams / 2 torpedoes loadout with BFAW. Setup right the stardrive is immensely quick and operates like a sort of Bird of Prey staying right above the battlefield then swooping in to bounce incoming (Klingon) BoPs and destroy fighter wings.

The stardrive in PvP is not going to outtank anything but with immense sustained speed (swapped my Auxiliary to Battery and Technicians with Aux2Dampers), BFAW and Eject Warp Plasma III it can drop in from nowhere, start spamming and farting and run away before anyone gets near it. It's not exactly a fighter or a cruiser but its a very good support ship. With the kind of speed I pull in it, it serves in the 'Heavy Escort' type role.

A lot of the Federation vs Klingon PvPers I was with over the weekend had almost zero anti fighter capability while the Klingons were fielding dozens of fighters making the Galaxy R stardrive a valuable anti-fighter escort in lieu of actual 'flak cruisers'. It's highly irritating for carrier captains seeing this ridiculous little secondary hull pop in at high speed, do a donut around the carrier spewing warp plasma destroying every single fighter that launches from the carrier then slipping away behind the Federation battleline before heavy cannons point my way.

One of the enemy Vo'Quv carriers started a wild goose chase after my stardrive for an entire round and I kept shooting down all the fighters. I will then eject warp plasma in the Klingon's face and run away shrugging off torpedoes and beams easily off Jem'Hadar shields and double monotanium hull.

With the PvP build not optimized yet I wasn't able to destroy the carrier outright on my own, but I was so big of an 'untouchable' annoyance that I sucked up enemy resources drawing them away from the main battle.
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05-28-2012, 08:36 AM
Just had this thought...

How about something completely unique
2 Comm
2 Lt

Eng ++++
Uni ++++
Tac ++
Sci ++

Same # of slots, more options
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05-28-2012, 08:59 AM
My biggest problem with the "R" is the insane cooldown time for the seperation process. The Seige mode for the Garumba is what, 15 seconds? If an "R" gets destroyed, it comes back with its saucer attached and most likely a cooldown timer still in effect, effectively neutering those who are comfortable using the stardrive section. In PvP if I see a stradrive running around, I tend to gun them first so they come back re-atteched and unable to seperate for a while. Almost the equivalent of a "denial of service" attack.
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05-28-2012, 07:12 PM
Siege is 20s, and the Javelin is 60s, the cooldowns are often linked because firing the Javelin triggers the transform, but they are independent. I switch out of Siege if Donatra goes to cloak all the time.

I do think that Seperation Module should be built into the Galaxy R, and that the cooldown should be shorter for both this and the MVAE.

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