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Am in and have been in some very nice fleets but my primary game play is managing my Doffs, crafting and hanging out at various dance venues
Because all the fleets I have been in so far are primarily 'blow things up" fleets, I have not yet felt a connection or that I have been able to contribute much.
So I'm looking for a fleet that is primarily interested in non "blow things up" game play. I have a lvl 50 Vulcan and Orion Chars.
I'm probably not a good fit for a RP fleet as I really start giggling when someone tries the ole "and I brush my hand lightly along your blushing cheek" type stuff ack
I primarily play late at night eastern US time and can't usually use teamspeak as my guy is asleep when I log on but I type fast. Can use voice if I log on during the day or early evenings. I mention this because I have seen some fleets that require voice.
Anyway if this sounds like a fit drop me a note here or my toons are Hoshipark and Seleana and as I said I'm usually on late.
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Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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05-26-2012, 09:43 AM
I wouldn't rule out an RP-based fleet just yet. I would hope that most of them mainly do other things than the kind of junk you typically find on Drozana (cheek brushing and 'stuff') and it sounds like your primary interest is in the social aspect, which is what they focus on.

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