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# 1 Peter Rabbit - Tank Killer
05-27-2012, 11:16 AM
While browsing through another forum, i noticed this little destroyer of childhood memories

Dramatic Reading (There are a couple of swear words in the video and book, so if you're under 18 or of that sort of disposition, you don't want to listen to it)

Text of the story

This is from "The Book of Revelations" by Mark Leigh and Mike Lepine.

In 1988 a humour book called The Book of Revelations (Mark Leigh and Mike Lepine) printed a parody of both Beatrix Potter and Sven Hassel entitled "Peter Rabbit - Tank Killer" - lampooning the fashion of the period for unscrupulous publishers and literary estates to draft in famous authors to pen "continuations" of their most successful characters and series

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