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Mission title: Audacious Accusations
Author: @AgentYae
Faction: Federation
Minimum Rank: 16+


Your requests to lead the investigation into the destruction of the U.S.S. Audacious and the murder of Ambassador Sovik have fallen on deaf ears, and you and your crew return to regular duty. While evacuating the population of a dying world, you encounter Cmdr. Bael Kirwin, who informs you that an old friend has uncovered information that might identify the terrorists that killed your brethren. Down the rabbit hole you go, searching for the truth and hoping you might bring the fiends to justice.

Accusations is a direct sequel to Aground, and I highly, highly recommend playing through Aground first. Both missions run about an hour in length, and are designed to emulate as closely as possible a TV Star Trek Episode, so expect a good mix of combat, dialogue, space and ground encounters. In the spirit, here is a (brief) write-up of Aground, since it's been almost a year since it was published:

Mission title: Audacious Aground
Author: @AgentYae
Faction: Federation
Minimum Rank: Any

Your crew responds to a distress call from the U.S.S. Audacious reporting heavy damage despite its position deep in Federation Space. Every revelation leads to two mysteries and you and the remaining crew attempt to discover who or what destroyed the Audacious.

*****: "A lot better than some missions I see in MMOs done by the paid DEVs." -- Running_Wolf
*****: "This felt more like a true Star Trek episode than anything else I have encountered in STO." -- ZeldaLovelace
*****: "I've watched actual episodes of Star Trek that weren't as good as this mission." -- Peregrine_Falcon
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06-09-2012, 06:37 PM
Thanks for posting your missions, I will add them to my list of foundry missions to try and will get to them when I get some free time.

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