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Been playing around for fun with an escort torpedo boat. Seems to be working well so far in PVP, but needs to upgrade to a T5 ship (as lacks hull)

T4Tactical Escort

Breen Set
Forward: Disruptor Beam Array, Breen Cluster Mine Torp, 2 x Rapid Fire Transphasic Torp
Aft: 2 x Rapid Fire Transphasic Torp
Eng: 2 x Neutronium XI
Sci: Emitter Array xi, Emitter Amplifier xi
Tac: 3 x Trans Compressor Mk xii

Tac: TorpSpread1, TorpHY2, TorpHY3, AP:O
Tac: TacTeam1, B:FAW2
Sci: HazEm1, TSS2
Eng: EngTeam1, RSP1

Purple Proj, Blue Proj, Green DC, Green Warpcore,

I really need to upgrade to a Fleet Escort as I die (after 20 mins or so) to lack of crew and hull (Hargh'peng torps are the bane of this ship).
Cruisers and Sci ships really don't like it, as I don't care what the shield hp/repair/damage reduction is; bleedthrough on the hull is the goal.

Any BOff or console suggested tweaks? (I'll have Assimilated Console by tomorrow). I'm considering replacing one of the breen set, as I only need the two piece for the damage buff.
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05-29-2012, 06:08 AM
No offence, but this makes me lol anytime somebody tries a torpedo build...

Anyway; after reviewing your boffs and weapons I noticed one thing...

You installed a single beam array (which is not bad...) BUT you are using BFAW with a single beam array? Ok, I can understand why, probably for those pesky heavy torpedoes... Those plasma torps can also be targeted by the breen cluster torpedo, so no real need for the single array + BFAW imo.

I'd recommend to go for Beam Overload 2 for max spike damage with your beam array; your crowd control ability is already in your torpedo buffs (Torpedo Spread).

But I would also turn two ability's around; I would suggest removing torp spread 1 and torpedo high yield2 (well, actually switching places - HYT1 for ensign tac and Torpedo spread 2 as Lt tac)
Because Torpedo spread 1 is a bit pitifull, as it only fires 4 or 5 torpedoes per spread, and that is nothing. I think you be better of with those 2 switched around.

High Yield Torpedo 1 fires 2 torpedoes, and that can give some decent damage whereas torp spread 1 only does minimum damage.

I do apologize, for I dont have any numbers to back me up. I am only speaking from experience...

PS; I have run my free odyssey in the beginning with 4 torps and 4 beam array's... It was fun, but still in the end I didnt do that much damage (though I had some mixed results in ker'rat when I was still playing there... )

have fun

pss: I am actually wondering how much damage you do with your transphasic torpedoes (breen set + 3 transphasic consoles... that is atleast 22% per console... + 26 from the breen set...)
I am asking this because I am also a fan of transphasic weapons; including mines though I like plasma mines aswell...
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# 3
05-29-2012, 08:15 AM
I thought same weapon energy type torps shared a cool down?
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# 4 I hate to disappoint you...
05-29-2012, 10:32 AM
but this is a completely untenable build.

First, why T3? get a T5 ship before you even begin. (This of course assumes you are VA).

Second, while torps are great fun to watch and hear go off, they do VERY little damage if the target has ANY shields. The only time this build can contribute to the team in PVP or PVE is when your teammates have stripped the shields of the target and you happen to get a perfectly timed shot to hit before the target's shields regenerate.

The contribution this build can make to accomplishing a PVP win or an STF completion is negligible at best. Don't take this build into any STF or PVP match (unless I'm on the other side).

I really don't want to be personally harsh, but this is a bad idea.
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# 5
05-29-2012, 01:19 PM
I dont want to answer in OP place but I think I will...

#@ sluggo2... really, you THINK its a bad idea? So you do... Fine, but next time dont mention your THOUGHTS when they are obsolete UNLESS you have some thing to offer like in advice on how to proceed...

So what, this is a bad idea? Are you playing with a torpedo boat or is the OP?

Like I said in my own post I lol each time someone says that they are trying a torpedo boat. Ok, fine with me. I cant see myself doing that, even for fun BUT I can give advice on some things I experienced personally and this experience I am trying to share with the OP; EVEN if its not my thing...! I personally dont care what you wanted with your post, probably helping the OP but in my eyes youre just trolling without giving some advice on what to improve/replace/respec even if need be... Somebody asks for help, and you turn your back on him? Fine, we wont be friends then... I couldnt care less...

You are just plain arrogant, maybe even you know more about this game than I do (I am only playing for like 6 months, but already I have given some sound advice where as you are just being cute trolling...)

Stop (note to myself)

Ok, now to Shook-Yang: indeed they do... but the global cooldown is just half of the normal cooldown, so with some torpedo types you can fire say HYT2 + an extra torpedo after the GCD is finished...In effect you are kinda firing 4 torpedoes that way in a salvo...

I must apologize because I got trolled...
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# 6
05-29-2012, 03:48 PM
I'm afraid a torp build isn't really viable in PvP, especially at VA. Kinetic resists are very high in comparison to energy resists (since energy weapons generally have a much higher firing rate). By that I mean a 33% resist to energy and kinetic weapons will be far more detrimental to your projectile weapons because they fire much less. Also, just a slither of a shield will be enough to render a torp virtually impotent.

Then there's the MACO shields to consider which halves bleedthrough, making transphasics even less effective. At the end of the day, transphasics, especially the Breen trasnphasic cluster torp, is effectively useless for it's purpose.

What I'm basically saying is, is to give it up and go for a more generic escort build.

The only real effective torp build is one using chroniton torps, due to their speed debuff. However, that's less about dealing damage and more about debuffing opponents.
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# 7
05-30-2012, 01:19 AM
The TacEscort torpedo built is a controversial built, I know, I am experimenting with it and have great fun. I do not play PvP and high end PvE, so whatever I do, it might be useless in the end.

What is the fun? You fly fast and turn fast and a lot. It makes the space combat dynamic and gives you an impression that position and manouvring has a meaning. That is the reason to pick and escort. I tried a science vessel, but I found the ship ugly and slow.

How to? I buff all my defensive skills as much as possible, you are going to tank a little. You don't have much hull, so shields is everything.

The breen set is nice for the transphasic buff, but I prefer the Jem'Haddar set. This set gives a weapon power buff when weapon power is set to low and I run with low weapon power, high speed, semi high shield and low aux. Something like 30/60/70/30. Actual number will be higher as you put points in weapons, shields and engine.

Since I want to go fast they should go slow, so I prefer the chroniton torpedo and minelauncher, hence I have no use for the Breen set. In front, chroniton torpedo, har'peng and two dual heavy or a dual heavy and a dual beam bank. Aft plasma torpedo, chroniton mine launcher and a beam array.

As is said, torpedoes do not much against shielded targets. The har'peng and the plasma have a dot, which ignores shield. The har'peng also have this extended AoE explosion; har'peng is a must have for a torpedo boat.

Spread prevails above high yield. Spread can be used as defense against fighters, torpedo salvoes etc (the same can be said about mines). You also should have doffs with recharging time boosters for torpedo firing, this also neglects high yield in a way. My set up is high yield 1, spread 2 and dispersal pattern B 3, further tac team 1, attack pattern Beta, Omega and rapid firing.

Other Boffs skills are about shield defense/repair and polarize hull. Like I said, you have to tank a bit, bigger targets you have to wear out while you try to not take big hits. That is my idea, you might not have an optimal build, but then you can have a more challenging game and then what is more fun than experimenting and walking a different road?
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# 8
05-30-2012, 01:36 AM
For those that think a Torpedo Boat is not viable in STO... It very much is possible. The advantage for the KDF with a Torpedo Boat is with the B'Rel Refit at T5 and the Enhanced Battle Cloak. But the basic heart of the armament, BOFF skills, etc., are all the same.

I've used the Torpedo Boat in STFs, and have landed alot of damage and be a contributor to the overall effort.

Now, when STO first came out, a bunch of us tried to make a Torpedo Boat work, but it just couldn't happen. With the way things are, it is actually possible now.

A Fed and KDF Torpedo Boat at its basic idea is the same. The crucial difference is the KDF ships being generally cloakable, with the B'Rel T5 Refit's Enhanced Battle Cloak playing a huge part. Still, building a Fed Torpedo Boat is easy because one of the key components, the Hargh'peng Torpedo, is very easy to get from PvE questing that you can easily replay. The only way the KDF gets the torpedo is a lucky DOFF mission to pop up or a having high end, expensive crafting.
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# 9
05-30-2012, 02:48 AM
First, I believe the ship listed is in fact a Tier 4 ship and not a Tier 3.

And the Torpedo boat is super viable in this game, just not as an escort.

A Sci ship, can run two Tachyon Beam 3's and almost one shot the shields of anything in PVE at full Aux. Add in Tractor beams and the right DOFFs and it works great.

As for PVP viability see Cygone's Intrepid build for info.
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# 10
05-30-2012, 06:29 AM
Sluggo2, please read the TOS
If you can't be polite and respectful, don't post at all.

In T3 Escort
4,087 base per torp
7,283 per torp with AP:A3, AP:O3, TacTeam1
7,996 per torp with AP:A3, AP:O3, TacTeam1, TacFleet2
7,130 per torp with AP:A3, AP:B1, TacTeam1, TacFleet2 (doesn't account for the -30% resist)

Did some PvE and PvP testing. Did great against sci ships; not so good against full defensive cruiser. Reamed its way through npcs...

Ran it through Infected (Elite - private) and Cure (Normal) and chewed through the borg. Had some technical issues though; I ran it without a beam and "fire all" doesn't work unless you have a beam.

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