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Done poorly the BOP is a great example of fail. But no ship out there will routinely vaporize any other ship in an instant if that ship is buffed and ready to defend itself. Even a BOP will not blow up after taking a few hits. If its is properly prepared. Done well it can take a coordinated effort to catch a BOP out of cloak and destroy it. Done poorly a BOP will take a beam overload to the face and explode before it can unload.

Done well you can bring the hull and shield strength to within a few thousand points of a fed escort. Once a BOP has the KHG set it has roughly an equal amount of weapon boost as an escort also. No other ship in the game can put as much damage on a ships hull in as short amount of time as a BOP. A BOP can get reliable kills whenever an escort can. It just doesn't fly around getting shot at all day waiting for that opportunity.
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If you throw salt in front of a BoP, it must stop and count all the grains.......................
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Originally Posted by Darkfader1988
Too bad the raptor is just as bad as the defiant or even worse in terms of boff layout and turnrate is even worse i think. Which gives the KDF side basically no awesome fighters with cloak

It could be played like a fedscort actually, requiring ofcourse some very delicate tweaking to make that happen, youve got to take your hull into account and 1 less ensign station if you try and pull that off. More hull resist could be quite attractive then to compensate for the lower hull.
Yeah, the Raptor is nice in it's way, but what bothers me about it is the turn axis placement. It makes it feel more sluggish than the defiant, even with the same turn rate numbers. Still, it hits much harder than the BoP. My main PvP tac is running a BoP with a classic Escort setup, and the turnrate and battle cloak makes it almost as effective as a Raptor. The Raptor is more efficient against slow ships, but the BoP has an advantage against faster moving ships. Still, the Defiant and especially the split MVAM, are clearly superior to it in a dogfight. Both have equal or better turnrate, and an extra turret.

I'd be very happy to see a real T5 BoP.

Originally Posted by Thissler
No other ship in the game can put as much damage on a ships hull in as short amount of time as a BOP.
Except the Defiant and the Raptor, who can deliver even more damage in the same amount of time, due to one more tac console and one more weapon slot.

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