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06-01-2012, 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by CobraGuru View Post
thanks everyone for your great idea.

I'll work out and tell when I've finished my build

Very good idea to put an alternate dual cannon instead of 3 heavy ones

I use an EPS Flow and I have several ETW and ETS also on my boffs. Just need to put the right one on the station
ETW? As in EPtW?

I have personally found that removing the EPS Consoles from my Escorts has had no effect on their DPS.
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06-01-2012, 04:12 AM
The fleet escort is a terrific ship. It's tanky and full of DPS, and thus full of awesome.

I prefer single-target damage over aoe, so I run tac teams, CRFs, and THYs instead. But both have their merits so I will say the above post has a lot of good suggestions. I agree that EPtS, RSP, and TSS are great selections for this ship.

One issue I'd contend for now: I would argue that, if you were going to make yourself a little stronger/tougher to crack, the MACO engine doesn't do a whole lot for you and could be swapped for the Borg engine. This would let you use the MACO deflector instead.
- you still get to keep the hull health boost (structural integrity) that the Borg deflector offered (in fact it's a couple points higher)
- you gain bonuses to your shield emitters and shield systems via the MACO deflector
- the Borg engine nets you a greater turn rate, a boost to engine power (which is great for defense in escorts), and more speed at full impulse
- you lose out a bit on gravitons and power insulators, but you won't really be needing those on the fleet escort

Others might argue to just go with the MACO shields and fly with the 3-piece Borg set for both the shield and hull heal procs, but I feel the boosts to shield-related stats outweighs the shield regen proc, and I still get the hull heals with the 2-piece (console and engine).
i would go with his advice and opinion. While i myslef use 3 borg (out of lazyness, i don't wanna grind KASE), it is really more than viable to use 2 maco parts, anywhere. The only real advantage the borg deflector has is it's +5 aux, and 26 SIF and the prize (5 EDC). the maco deflector has the better stats and a cool setbonus.
in my opinion, if you tank with a cruiser get maco deflector and shields...if you are on an escort choose, and a sci ship should go with borg deflector, since the 5 aux a re less specific and boost all sci abilities.
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06-01-2012, 07:40 AM
Originally Posted by CobraGuru View Post
I'll introduce and expain the reason of my post.

First of all, since I started to play, i've essentially used cruiser.
At lvl 50 I've build a Star Cruiser and an Odyssey (standard gifted version)
I mostly use the Odyssey with an AP beam weapon build.

Then a few times ago, I was bored collecting my daily dil on my Fed, I finished to lvl up my KDF, and at lvl 50, I choose another direction. Instead of taking a big ship like for my Fed, I took a higher turn rate ship, but not the highest : A Vor'cha retrofit.

The use of cannon open up a new world in front of me

So I bought a Fleet Escort for my Fed.

I'll equip with AP but I'm not sure of what is the best choice so here are my ideas and I hope to have your opinion about the best choice.

Fore weapons :
A - 3 heavy dual cannon or
B - 3 dual cannon or
C - 2 heavy dual cannon + 1 double beam or
D - 2 dual cannon + 1 double beam or

E - 1 rapid reload transphasic or
F - 1 quantum or
I use the torpedo spread so I'm not sure which torpedo is best.

for the aft part, I plan installing 2 beam + 1 har'peng torpedo

now it's your turn, critics, suggestion are welcome

OP 1: Standard High DPS & Burst Escort

FORE: 3x DHC (AP preferrably for STFs), 1x Quantum Torpedo
AFT: 3x Turrets, same energy as DHCs

TAC Cmdr: TT1 > HYT 2 or TS 2 > CRF 2 or CSV 2 > APO 3
TAC Lt Cmdr: TT 1 > HYT 2 or TS 2 > CRF 2 or CSV 2
ENG Lt: EPTS 1 > RSP 1 or Aux to SIF 1
SCI Lt: TSS 1 or HE 1 > TSS 2 or HE 2

OP 2: All Cannon Variant, Attack Pattern Heavy with APB focus (good for helping teamwide damage output)

AFT: 3x Turrets

TAC Cmdr: TT 1 > APB 1 > CRF 2 or CSV 2 > APO 3
TAC Lt Cmdr: TT 1 > APB 1 > CRF 2 or CSV 2

ENG & SCI, same as OP 1

OP 3: All Cannon Variant, Attack Pattern Heavy - 2x APO for excellent mitigation & manueverability, APB for resistance debuffing

AFT: 3x Turrets

AC Cmdr: TT 1 > CRF 1 or CSV 1 > APO 1 > CRF 3 or CSV 3
TAC Lt Cmdr: TT 1 > APB 1 > APO 1

ENG & SCI, same as OP 1

Note: When I say "CRF or CSV" what that actually means is that I have BOFFs with both, and swap them out depending on which STF I'm about to do.

EX: CSE I will run all AoEs if I am on Kang duty, otherwise pure Single Target attacks if I'm on Probes/Cubes clearing.

Lastly, do not slot any weapons aft that do not compliment your cannons. DHCs are your bread & butter damage dealers - everything in the build should support them.

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