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05-29-2012, 10:16 PM
I usually run a Tactical Team I, Emergency Power to Shields I, Emergency Power to Shields II, Hazard Emitters II and Jam Sensors I for personal defense in PvE. Tactical team basically means your ship will never have exposed hull as long as it's up (15 second duration, 30 second cooldown). Emergency Power to Shields works much in the same way, but since you have two, you can chain them back to back forever and they provide a nice boost to damage resistance to your shields. Jam Sensors I is what I use if things get very hairy, which gives me enough time to get out of range and heal up.

Since you're science, you'll have access to Subnucleonic Beam at your level as well, if I recall. That's pretty important if you can't remain at the broadside of a ship, as it can be used to strip off Torpedo Spread/High Yield if you get caught behind or in front of the enemy. If you're running with a science ship, Tractor beams and gravity wells are useful for staying on the side of your enemy, away from those pesky torpedos.

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