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Is there a workaround that will allow the builder to make use of the Department Heads in a Foundry mission?

Is there a workaround that will allow the creation of faux DOff assignments in a Foundry mission?

I have what I think is a great idea, in which the player has his toon investigate a situation, get recommendations from the Department Heads on how to proceed, then assigns DOffs to accomplish the many small tasks which come together to create success.

Currently I can call out BOffs by their bridge stations, so my Medical assignment and my Science assignment are handled by the same BOff, and my toon has to do the work with 100% chance of success.

What I would like is to have my toon investigate the situation, talk to the NPC's, then call a 'staff meeting' in which the various department heads offer their opinions on what can and should be done. If the toon failed to 'notice' some aspects of the mission during his investigation the department heads wouldn't have a recommendation for that item.

I would then like to have my First Officer correlate the various Department Head Reports and generate more assignments which integrate the skills of the various departments.

To succeed at least six of ten DOff assignments would have to be successful, with the more manpower-intensive First Officer assignments available to make up for missed or failed Department Head assignments.

Failure could allow more expensive and time consuming assignments to overcome the obstacles which caused the first to fail,( if the captain then investigates and asks his department heads for options,) and this could continue until at least six objectives are complete.

The Problem:
Stated in my original two questions: I do not know how to do this. This was, in fact, my very first Foundry Mission concept, and it sits in flow chart form waiting for the tools and knowledge I need to make it come to life.

Thank you for advice, or even negative feedback. I will work on the possible until this concept becomes viable, but I am hoping that there is some workaround players have found to allow this idea to be forged into a foundry mission.
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05-30-2012, 11:17 AM
As it stands now this is beyond our capabilities. It's conceivable that in the future Cryptic will add some functionality to the Foundry with DOFF assignments and being able to select department heads for dialogue. I imagine this is because those systems were put in place after the Foundry, and there haven't been any meaningful updates since. We're slated for an update in Season 6, which should hit in the next few weeks, but we only know tidbits of what's in store for the Foundry. Who knows, what you're asking for may be in there.
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05-30-2012, 09:45 PM
I've been wondering about something similar for a while, and the closest I came to it was having an NPC assigned to your ship at the start, say some kind of mission specialist, like "Jim the Quantum Theorist". That way you can, via dialogue etc, send them off to complete various assignments, and they'll report back to you. However, I've yet to see if failure/success could be randomly incorporated.

I know using interactable objects, there is a way to simulate branching dialogue by having the dialogues as map objects rather than Story items. It may be possible to simulate a "random" outcome by having a friendly and enemy mob appear and fight somewhere off map (the trick with this sort of thing is to get it far away enough that you can't hear it, but close enough that they still spawn). Then, using the same trigger methods as in the turorial, (I think it's "Fun with triggers part 5: branching dialogue" or something like that over on SB:UGC), you could have success linked to the friendly mob winning and failure to the enemy one, I'm not sure wether or not you could use a friendly mob for "component complete" however.

If you want, I can go hunt down the appropriate tutorial on branching via triggers and map dialogue. I'm not sure how much of the above is possible, but it's worth a punt. I'd check my self, only the Foundry was down last I looked.
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06-02-2012, 01:10 PM
Ebeneezer, I'm working on this theory now. I'll let you know how it works out.

It kind of sucks to have to resort to such workarounds when the ability to do this is already in the game. (DOff assignments as part of the 2800 mission, for example.) It's also kind of hard to incorporate any skill value into your proposed solution, but I'll experiment with various mobs to see what happens.

Anyway, thanks for the tip.

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