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The entire STO community can all agree on one very simple thing, one solid fact, there is not enough story content in STO. What little story content there is often feels extremely unfinished or loose ended. This is where all of your hard work and creativity really gets to shine, and many of you have done just that by creating some really amazing stories either a single episode or multiple episode arcs.
Finding such missions in the Foundry listing can be extremely difficult, time consuming, and in the end more combat than story because there is so little description that can be fit in the summary. Not to mention trying to sort through and find the proper order multi-episode missions are supposed to be played in our just searching through to find them. I know Authors already post when they release a new mission, but I've got another idea for this thread.

I'm asking all Foundry authors that have created well balanced story driven (but not story only) single missions of length or multi-episode missions to please post in this thread as a "community guide to Foundry based story content". Please use the following outline when posting to this "guide"

Author Name:

Number of Missions per Story:


Level Requirements:

Solo play / Team Play / designed for team but can be solo:

Mission Number 1 Name:

Mission Number 2 Name:

Mission Number 3 Name:

Mission Number 4 Name:

Mission Number 5 Name:

Special Notes from Author:


__________________________________________________ _________________________________

It is my hope that we can get a good solid listing started to create this guide, and in the process help our fellow STO players find the story content they are looking for and to help bring a broader "spotlight" Authors at once and more continual than the current "foundry spotlight" does. The one thing that I do ask is that if you're adding a multi-episode story arc mission that all or at least all but the last mission be completed. This isn't to limit anyone but considering how long Foundry project development times can take in would be preferable if players could go from start to finish without a large gap in between to keep up the interest in playing of the next episode and effect of the stories you're trying to tell.
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05-31-2012, 02:37 AM
I will admit straight up that I don't qualify as a great Foundry Author. Still - nobody ever got anywhere being shy, did they?

Author Name: Drazur_Southclaw

Number of Missions per Story: 1

Difficulty: Moderate, Boss battles.

Level Requirements: 45

Solo play / Team Play / designed for team but can be solo: Designed for Single Player

Mission Name: "Yes Abercrombie, Yes It Would."

Special Notes from Author: There are a few things worth noting:

- This starts of as a guy mucking around with a the holodeck editor, but it soon turns serious. Expect meta. If you have ever edited anything, you might get a kick out of some of the gags.
- It is designed to follow the dynamics of a PnP DnD/Fantasy setting.
- It does contain references to modern culture, but does so without breaking canon.
- It is very long. Very very long. Don't be afraid to play a chapter a day.

On a personal note, I am currenly reworking a different version of it and will happily accept any clear feedback on it, especially about chapter length.

Summary: "What starts off as a light-hearted parody of the Fantasy genre circa 2012 soon becomes a race against time - with an innocent life hanging in the balance."

(Speaking as an STO Player, it feels like 3 episodes bashed together. Like a mini-FE, if you will. )
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05-31-2012, 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by drazur_southclaw View Post
I will admit straight up that I don't qualify as a great Foundry Author. Still - nobody ever got anywhere being shy, did they?
Same here... Plus the mission is unfinished at the moment.

Author Name: dalolorn

Difficulty: Moderate/Easy, depending on team choices - involves boss battles with optional help (most of the time, that is)

Number of Missions per Story: 1 (may add more)

Level Requirements: 46

Gameplay: Solo, works with team but may be buggy (team must agree on what choices to make in order to preserve continuity and make proper gameplay)

Edit: Oh, sorry, only partially did the 'application'.

Mission Name: Exploratory Crisis

Special Notes: My first Foundry mission! Frankly, it's not much to look at, but I'm hoping to make a great story out of it eventually.

Summary: A story about a person trying to find a way home... (involves transdimensional travel xD)

Edit after application form was modified:

Faction: Fed

Edit: Gameplay has been streamlined for teamplay, but still functions solo.
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# 4 Spawn of Medusa
05-31-2012, 04:51 AM
Author Name: Duke-of-Rock

Number of Missions per Story:
5 in the series

Some of the large Fleet based battles can be fairly trying, but for the most part, the combat is moderate difficulty. There are also some puzzles that can test even the keenest mind, but all are managable.

Level Requirements:
Part 1 - Lieutenant Level - Lieutenant Commander (Level 15) for parts 2 thru 5

Solo play / Team Play /
Either solo or team but is more suited for solo play.

Mission Number 1 Name: Spawn of Medusa
Mission Number 2 Name: Spawn of Medusa II - Daughters of Medusa
Mission Number 3 Name: Spawn of Medusa III - Break From Tradition
Mission Number 4 Name: Spawn of Medusa IV - The Awakening
Mission Number 5 Name: Spawn of Medusa V - Defeat the Evil

Special Notes from Author: Mission write-up links on below

New Quick Daily Mission created based on the Argus Array from the Spawn of Medusa Series

Founder Spotlight:

Summary: An exciting 5 part series with mystery, amazing discoveries, custom maps, and combat as you fight to save the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from a previously unknown matriarchal species. Join the Klingons as you find clues that will lead to an incredible discovery on Earth. Interact with one of Starfleets most impressive technological achievements from "The Next Generation" series that leads to a visit from a species from TNG as well. I hope you give it a try.

The above are all Fed missions.

Nice idea for a thread like this, thanks for suggesting it. There are a good number of authors with multiple mission story Arcs out there. I hope they will add to this thread as well.
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# 5
05-31-2012, 05:56 AM
Too long won't read it.

Mentioning in the descriptions of the missions that it is an arc and, in fact actually mentioning the other missions names would be helpful as well. Give us something to search on.
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05-31-2012, 09:54 AM

The Dissent Series, one of the oldest on the Foundry!

Author Name: drogyn1701

Number of Missions:

Difficulty: hard to say, some people find some parts easy, others find them hard. It is a challenge on advanced or elite, but very doable.

Level Requirements: Federation 16+
Designed for solo, but teamplay is very possible.

Mission 1: Dissent I: Walking in the Air
Mission 2: Dissent II: Rule the World
Mission 3: Dissent III: Hunter's Season
Mission 4: Dissent IV: Our Solemn Hour
Mission 5: Dissent V: Skyline's End

A violent dissident faction within the Romulan Star Empire threatens the entire quadrant. Join a trill Admiral with Starfleet Intelligence, a Romulan Senator trying to save his people, a Cardassian Gul acting without approval from Central Command, a Klingon General honorable enough to ally with the Federation, and a slew of other characters as you unravel the mystery. Who is behind the dissidents, and what is their endgame?

Special Notes from Author: I won't claim this is the oldest Foundry series, but it's certainly one of. I first developed it back when the Foundry was on Tribble, before branching dialogues and triggers were even implemented. When Foundry went live on Holodeck I was able to greatly revise and improve the missions in the process of building them a second time. They were all live I think within a month of Foundry going live (hard to remember back that far). They have hundreds of reviews each and are consistently well-reviewed. And here's a tidbit I haven't shared with anyone yet, there's a KDF followup story in the works, and when that's finished I'll be releasing revised "special editions" of the original missions. More info to come soon (tm).
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# 7 The Class Dismissed Trilogy
05-31-2012, 02:41 PM
Author Name: CaptPFDennis

Number of Missions: 3

Difficulty: Any setting.There is mostly space combat in all three parts, but a few ground battles, as well

Level Requirements: Part 1=16+ Parts 2&3=31+

Designed for: Solo Play

Mission Number and Name:
Class Dismissed: Part I, Part II, and Part III

The boundries of the Prime Directive are tested when, on a deep space mission, you encounter a society whose population is divided into haves and have nots, all the result of alien interference in their evolution. It is not a question of whether to set it right, but more a question of "How far will you go to accomplish that?" and "How will you know what is right?"
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# 8
05-31-2012, 04:35 PM
Just want to quickly thank everyone so far that have posted up your missions so far. Star Trek has always been the perfect mix of Story, Adventure, and action, and it's so nice to see that continued through all your hard work and creativity.
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06-01-2012, 12:31 AM
Author Name: AR1973 and Ashka_Neris

Number of Missions per Story: currently 4 of ??

Difficulty: medium to epic fleet like action

Level Requirements: 45

Solo play or Team Play

Mission Number 1 Name: Shattered Peace in The Mirror

Mission Number 2 Name: Who Watches the Watchers?

Mission Number 3 Name: Dalrok

Mission Number 4 Name: The Diplomatic Fist

Mission Number 5 Name: Crucible (soon)

Special Notes from Author: This is a war story, with loss, hard decisions and consequences. You also get to play two roles, as you and your Peace Keeper Counterpart

Summary: The famous Mirror Universe is not the only universe that parallels ours. A more draconian police state version of our Federation also lies on the other side of the hall of many mirrors and our reality is abut to go to war with it. But is the war a prelude to some far more dangerous, and who are the mysterious Watchers who watch over the realities that divide us?
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06-01-2012, 12:52 AM
Author Name:Captain_Revo

Number of Missions per Story: 5 - Klingon

Difficulty: Best on Normal

Level Requirements: They change from around 35-46, so ideally be level 46

Solo play / Team Play / designed for team but can be solo: Designed for solo

Mission Number 1 Name: Crouching Ty'Gokor Hidden Demon

Mission Number 2 Name: The Hunter Killer

Mission Number 3 Name: The Prisoner

Mission Number 4 Name: Infiltration Point

Mission Number 5 Name: Into the Nightmare

Special Notes from Author: This was designed to be an epic Klingon based adventure. It is very plot heavy with lots of reading but there is plenty of action. More than enough to get you into Sto'vo'kor. It draws on many themes from klingon history as well as a few other star trek stories and plot threads.

Summary: A strange energy signal is detected coming from Ty'gokor. One of the empires most heavily fortified outposts. You are sent to investigate this disturbance and judge if it is a threat to the empire. What you discover will start a chain of events that will bring you head to head with the greatest threat the empire has faced in 1000 years.

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