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This thread is for your PvE suggestions in this format or in plain english:
1. The thing that you think it would be best for Cryptic to add to PvE
2. Your Favorite between Infected, Cure, Khitomer Accord, Romulan Temple, or any other PvE.
3. Any other suggestions
Also see my PvP version
Lt. Commander
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05-31-2012, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by OtakuboyT View Post
A ship version of the Zombie PvP on CO.
  • It starts off with a group of players vs a group of borg ships.
  • As time goes on ships will be destroyed by the borg. Players destroyed will come back as either borg vessels or borgified versions of your ship and and can attack the remaining players.
  • Last ship alive wins. Bonus points for most borg ships killed, most borg players killed and most players killed as borg.
Found on PvP version, more appropriate for PvE.

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