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I have a ferasan I am working on as a tactical captain, both because the ground play with them amuses me with the free lunge letting me bounce around in fights knocking people over and because I want to re-do tactical KDF-side. My initial KDF tactical "go" is an alien officer that I eventually put into the Vor'cha retrofit and treat like a heavy-escort. I've had success with this setup both against Borg and against humans (admittedly in warzones, as I am still quite the lame-o when it comes to running actual PvP matches). But I think I really missed an opportunity here by not popping a tac in a BoP and working on first strikes.

My feds and their escorts are well-acquainted, but I think I have fallen into the trap of trying to set up a BoP build in a similar fashion. I think this may be a poor idea when it comes to BoP setup; an escort does high damage but also has a little tanking to do, whereas the BoP has the ability to cloak and less weapon slots so it needs to make sure it's ready to make its point and get out of there to set up for another pas.

So, despite this ferasan still being low level, I am thinking ahead.
This means I don't have a build/boff layout for one on her yet to post and have you veteran BoP pilots critique and improve. I am thinking ahead for when I get there, which will help motivate boff recruitment decisions and skill point allocation as I level. It will also probably cause me to re-assess my KDF engineer's BoP layout, as she has one for when I am not tanking/healing in her MFDC.

I have the Kar'Fi, as well, and I'll be setting that up for if I want to pew pew with deployable craft as an alternative option. I am, admittedly, still considering the Vor'cha retrofit as an option again, as I've always liked that Klingon design and have gotten a kick out of flying a cruiser like an escort. But I always want to learn more about ship options, so I look forward to whatever discussion may come of this thread.

This would be mostly for the Hegh'ta, as I don't have the points for or much interest in buying the B'rel. I would like to be able to take it comfortably into PvP as well as STF settings, though the latter are much easier to set up for since the Borg are much more predictable/nowhere near as good at handling incoming damage.

As a starting point, of sorts
- I love CRF and High-yield torps; I prefer these to Scatter and Spread, but the latter definitely have their uses
- I often focus on cannons when I look at these ships or escorts, but I may be overlooking the advantages of being able to open up with a beam overload from a DBB
- I don't like raptors and don't see myself ever flying one beyond leveling in one for giggles (have one at the captain level right now just 'cause I can)
- I like using the commander Boff slot for science to play with gravity well and the like in PvE with my engineer's BoP, but again that one is set up for snaring spheres/probes and downing them quickly. I am not naive enough to think it'll have that kind of success against human opponents
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06-01-2012, 11:17 AM
You could always try


(3) DHCs


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06-01-2012, 12:58 PM
I'm also a fresher in BoP matters ... I experimented a little bit both in PvP and PvE. Currently I stick to:

Setup PvP:


I tried VM3 with 3x rare Sensor Probes MKXI ... nice for 1on1 against escorts. But since I PvPing in Kerrat only, I always face so many Feds which try to kill me that I found it more important to have 2 copies of APO than VM. Maybe with better geat this is not necessay (currently flying with the mission equip that is 2x Breen for set bonus & Dominoin engine and 3 MKXI plasma-disruptor hybrid, going for maco + KHG shields)

Setup PvE:

Com: TT1 CSV1 TS3 APO3

For the combination of GW + CSV + TS can only say it realy rocks compared to CRF and THY in PvE ... and is alot of fun against mutiple NPCs :-) Don't know if there are better setups, but they work at least :p
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06-01-2012, 01:16 PM
@Roach edit: OK, at both of you
OK, I had been thinking something similar, though I hadn't even considered the utility of Aux2EB. I think I will definitely play around with that.
Is it better to take two AP:O for tractors and its buffs instead of, say, another torp skill? I guess I just don't worry about tractors so much, but perhaps I am neglecting the other utility aspects of AP:O.
I guess it's still not too much different than an escort setup for a tac, though. I mean, EPtS, TSS, HE, TT, and any cannon skill are pretty bread-and-butter. Are there any advantages to running a DBB for beam overload? Or a subsystem targeting skill? Or trying to get a tractor beam on there?
Thanks for your thoughts.

Originally Posted by xiphenon
ISetup PvE:

Com: TT1 CSV1 TS3 APO3

For the combination of GW + CSV + TS can only say it realy rocks compared to CRF and THY in PvE ... and is alot of fun against mutiple NPCs :-) Don't know if there are better setups, but they work at least :p
That is more or less how I set up a BoP for STFs before, so yeah I agree it has a pretty good utility on borg ship groups. The downside is that CSV can -- and will -- send shots wide of structures/single targets, whereas CRF will not [unless your accuracy is low/their defense is high]. There are also times where I may have multiple targets but might not want to hit all of them to avoid some aggro. That and pouring rapid fire into one fed ship is a lot of fun... But yeah, that works well in STFs.
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06-01-2012, 02:05 PM
for a BO try the classic


keybind CRF1/CRF1/APO3/APO1/THY1/EPTS1/A2EB1 + DIS.SHIELDS+ FIRE ENERGY to a key to spam

save BO2 for when you wish to use it. Save TT1 + TSS2 for quick shield heals. HE1 for the EWP and a hull heal

Its a start anyways and you can always build off it.
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06-01-2012, 04:15 PM
It's not what I do right now with my BOPs, but I did long ago. You can have something like:
Fwd: DHCx2, Torpedo of choice x1, Dual Beam Bank x1
Aft: Turret x1, Torpedo of choice x1 (or whatever you prefer)

You can still throw in a Beam Overload somewhere. The spike combined with CRF is pretty nice, then following up with torpedoes if the opening is there.
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06-01-2012, 05:47 PM
I always try and build the craziest BoP build I can think of. Something that makes no sense at all, like an all Engineer BO BoP hahaha.

"Wow, look at that guy in the BoP tanking that Tactical Cube in an STF Elite! WTF?!"
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06-03-2012, 05:35 AM
First lets go with a typical tactical bridge officer layout. CMD, LTC, will be tactical. The two LT slots will be eng and sci. You can also purchase all efficient officers for your bridge. This will help with your power levels. It's also not terribly pricey.

TT1, CRF1, BO3, APO3


This provides a good offense with good defense. Remember that some of the best tactical attack buffs are also very strong defensive buffs. This is why you choose the Delta pattern over the Beta.

Engineer will take EPTS 1 and Aux to Structural 1. Very good shield resistance and heal and good hull resistance and heal.

Science you may feel like you need the science team to clear AMS, jam sensors, or just for a better shield regen. Generally I just bug out if AMS happens. Mostly because if the entire PUG doesn't cleanse themselves, your own team will kill you. Even minimal shield strength is fine if you fly well. I carry Hazard Emitters for heal and resistance, and Polarize for mobility and resistance. Getting tractored in PVP will be the end of you. You need two outs. Omega is for the start of your run. Polarize is for the ending.

Engineering consoles will give you hull resistance. You can likely buy 3 common neutronium mk XI consoles. This will give you about 35% resistance across the board. Possibly a bit more. You could use a turn rate or a flow rate console as your third instead. But you're already in the best turning ship there is. The flow console could boost the EPTS but they will do what you need them to as it is. So for now stick with the resistances.

Science consoles get the +18% to shields. Two would be good. Follow that up with the Borg universal console from the set.

Tactical take 2x[energy type] and 1x[torpedo type]

If you run the Borg retro set you will get good bonuses to power levels and some nice set bonus as well. You may wish to buy a very rare MK XI covariant [cap]x3 instead of using the borg shield. You may find the higher value worth it. You will need to run STF's to get the EDC for the Borg set, but you should keep in mind that you will want the KHG shield and engine as soon as possible. 2 piece Borg and 2 piece KHG is very strong. Omega is also very good and I did consider that entire set for the speed and accuracy bonus. So you also may wish to do so. For now I am still enjoying the KHG procs to much to change.

Your weapons need to hit. Buying a complete set of [acc]x3 weapons on the exchange can be very expensive if they are even available. But [acc] x2 are almost always available for much less and also you can find very rare [acc]x2 [crtd] or [dam] or some other desirable modifier for much less. Purchase a full set of at least [acc]x2 weapons of the following types.

Two Dual Heavy Cannon, one Dual Beam Bank, one Quantum Torpedo and two turrets.

Choose your target. Choose your exit route and cover to break LOS. Buff up, decloak, mark your target and unload your torpedoes. Count down and fire your beam overload. Pop one of two batteries. Weapon to finish of your target with CRF and then just evasive out. Or pop engine battery with evasive to get out even further if your target is dead or if it shows no immediate signs of becoming dead. Either case is cause for you to leave.

You have 20 seconds out of cloak. EPTS should be running the entire time. Be ready with polarize hull or emitters combined with brace for impact if you need to cloak under fire. Emitters is great to pop before you cloak as it will continue healing if you've taken damage. When your 20 seconds is up you cloak.

Very important tip. Learn to recognize what buffs your targets have. Firing on an escort that is under evasive, omega, and epts is just as much as a waste of time as firing on a cruiser with RTS3 and RSP could be. If you're not sure at first what the little icons are look them up. In the meantime pick targets with no little icons. The best time is right AFTER all their little icons drop off. Usually this means they are out of buffs for a short time. These are good targets.

Happy flying.

Edit: When this was written the shield consoles were 35%. That has changed so at this time I now use 2 x 18% consoles with the borg console. Im also messing around with a torpedo spread one and an aft chroniton torpedo. This is simply to slow down pursuers. Seems to work and I don't really miss the second tactical team as I don't spend a lot of time under fire in any case.

The above is pretty strictly for PVP. Really won't put out the type of damage you need for STF's. Sure you may obliterate a cube or two but then what? Anyway its the highest spike you can reliably get in the game out of a Tactical build.

For STF's this should help.

This is what you do........

Keep in mind that the look that the aoe gives is to show its pretty and that its aoe. It looks like its going off target but that's the design. Your getting 75% of the damage of same rank single target ability. So as long as you often shoot two or more targets you are far ahead in output.

That will give you more pew power. More heals. More debuffing for more pew power. More defense. More mobility. Yadah Yahda. Omega just does so much its not funny. Plus you have Tac Initiative so every 4 minutes your a cool down powerhouse.

You would change your weapons though. The bonus borg damage weapons are pretty nasty no matter what flavor you use. But.....ok ok so lets just alllll agree that quantums pack the most punch REGARDLESS of the Borg proc. You'll need some Chronitons. If you must just stick a nice Borg Killer Chroniton in your aft region and use that to send a spread at any rapidly fleeing probes or encroaching nanites. That will slow them up for you to gain a some time.

Happy flying kill some borg!

EDIT: Here's a maybe not so pro tip but here goes. On infected as you're working on the stations etc your butt is pointed in the gate direction anyway. Same thing happens every time. You can just wait for the nanites to spawn and when they get in range fire your aft launcher. Try to make your range so that your torps prefer the probes and spheres vs aggroing the gate. And having that launcher with spread one for pvp is very handy too by the way. There's no cure for Chroniton and it will slow multiple pursuers.
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06-03-2012, 06:53 AM
Very nice post, thank you!
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06-03-2012, 09:32 PM
Thanks again to folks for humoring me and giving ideas. I've been playing with my Hegh'ta and bridge officers and have a couple different setups at the moment, letting me swap among AoE, single-target, and more science-oriented layouts as I fool around in space. Again, it's helpful to get some others' ideas as I look over these things and decide what works for me / is fun for me, so I appreciate it!

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