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# 1 Fix Donotra, Please
06-01-2012, 09:55 AM
Donotra's scimitar fight in KA space often has her firing the huge thalaron beam after she decloaks.
As most all of us know, there's an animation and power-up sound to indicate this, giving ships time to get out of the firing arc.

However, often she will decloak and immediately fire the weapon. The animations and sounds still play, but then nothing happens when they complete, as she's already fired straight out of cloak. For example, this just happened to me. She cloaked. We killed the tractor probe that was still there. She decloaked off my side with me targeted. Virtually within the moment she appeared she immediately fired despite the green lines of the firing cone and the animation just having started.

I dislike being one-shotted with no means to avoid it.

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