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A new fleet, Starfleet Medical and Mechanical, has been chartered by Admiral Russell. Starfleet Medical and Mechanical [SMM] is dedicated to space and ground healing. Our goal is to provide assistance to other fleets and individuals as needed.

By joining this fleet, you will be able to participate in the following:
PVP we will join others in space/ground combat, either pug or premade, to heal and protect the team.
STF and PVE we will team up with fleets/individuals for missions and provide vital healing to ensure victory.
In-Fleet events we will also be participating in general STO content (PVP/PVE/STFs) internally as a fleet, including member non-healer characters.

Mature players preferred (21+)
Have the ability or desire to learn how to heal in STO ground and/or space combat.
You are allowed to dual fleet, so if you like your current fleet, but want to heal with us as well, you are welcome!

Join our chat channel to talk with us, chat about healing or to request our assistance: [SMM]


Fleet Admiral - Chance Russell Jr.

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