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06-04-2012, 04:45 AM
Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
I will try to sum up the general respose I see to similar questions throughout the past 2 years. Please forgive if I do it in a way that is not good enough:

Really all, I was just thinking of putting the ships (scaled down to sensability) and the uniforms in the game. To h3ll with the story line.

FYI, telling someone "no" without any explanation is bad customer service. I understand I am not your customer, but in general people hate being told "no" as much as they hate being told they "need" something. Take a course in soft skills, it will help your career. Apply it to bosses as you would customers and the sky is the limit.
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06-04-2012, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by twg042370
The tech in 2012 looks more advanced than in Star Trek. They're stuck between a rock and a hard place visually because we've surpassed the visual design they had back in the 60s and 80s but they need to make things look futuristic.

I'd like to fly Spock's jellyfish around. Classify it as a shuttle so I can hang out with the escorts in the shuttle event.
It's actually Gordy's "jellyfish".

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