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06-07-2012, 12:41 PM
We crept into the Vault, silent like the saber cats of Andor. I in a Yellowstone runabout equiped with nothing more than a polaron turret and a quantum torpedo launcher. The Romulans came at us in relentless waves, swarms of fighters that wilted before our onslaught.

One such wave, I stood before them, alone, their weapon locks homed on my ship, I could almost see the whites of their eyes and the pumping of their green blood in protruding veins in their scalps. It was a parfect moment, the kind where time seems to slow and your awareness becomes heightened. I grinned, knowing my victory was at hand as I fired a full volley of Quantum torpedoes in a wide spread. The explosion was brilliant, bright and almost blinding. When the light of the explosions died, none remained.
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06-07-2012, 04:47 PM
Okay, this isn't a Badass Moment YET. What is to follow is more of a declaration of future Badassity.

I just created a new character, a Liberated Borg Human Female.

I plan on taking her through the missions, from Lieutenant to at least Commander, IN A SHUTTLE!!

To be specific, I plan on placing her in a Delta Flyer. Yes, it may be among the most survivable of the shuttles, but it is still weaker than the starships that would normally be used on these missions.

So, yes, if I can pull this off, I do believe I can truly call myself a Badass.
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06-11-2012, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by centersolace
Alright, I have another one.

I was doing a foundry mission, (can't remember which one at the moment) but it hadn't been balanced at all. I was getting pounded, systems were failing, shields down, all the worthwhile abilities on cooldown, death was inevitable. Then I activated fleet support out of pure desperation. Guess which npc showed up?

A Galaxy-X.

Suffice to say, it quickly became the easiest mission I've ever done. :p Just goes to show, that the margin between badassery and luck is very small. Sometimes the game itself is pretty badass too.
Same thing happened to me during a PvP match. You should have seen the KDF chatter when that dreadnought warped in.
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06-11-2012, 11:28 PM
I don't get to play very often, and back before the game went F2P, I gave up on doing STFs. I recently got back into STO pretty hardcore. I was doing KAGE a few days ago. We started out with myself the only Klingon, 2 new guys, and two MACO vets. We fought our way to the chamber to destroy the nodes, and our two MACO vets decided they didn't want to play with us anymore. That left me and the other two FNG's. One of them made the comment that we wouldn't be able to complete the mission now. I rallied the team and we came up with a plan. One of the new guys stayed in the control room, and me and the other guy started working on the nodes. I was an engineer, and I believe he was a tactical officer. I had them hold off until I could set my transphasic bomb and mines next to the node we were going to attack. We both had the shard of possibilities so we activated our shards, the shields dropped and we attacked. The node went down in a matter of seconds and we made short work of the borg drones tha appeared. It took more time than usual, but by using the bombs and mines, and alternating between using our shards, and using my attack drone and attack horta, the other 5 nodes met the same fate. We took out the assimilator in the chamber, I took them to the last assimilator, we all got or Borg BO that I had been screwed out of two times previously, and we went on to fight Tosk of Borg. I decided that we should focus on the borg drones and take away Tosk's support. Tosk didn't last long once the fight started. Now I will admit that we weren't running this STF on elite, but I stil think that me being away for such a long time, and only having two new guys for support and still completing the mission certainly qualifies as a badass moment in my book. It certainly made me feel badass anyways.
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06-12-2012, 09:25 AM
I managed to solo about four groups of borg in the final room before the boss of Khitomer Accord Ground Elite (with the shield generators), because some knucklehead decided to run ahead and pull the whole room while we were clearing the group at the door. As soon as that massive cluster**** of borg showed up at the door, everyone dropped like flies but I managed to survive and beat them back.

I've gotta say, learning to effectively PvP as a healer has made me a walking god in ground STFs, only I can't hit as hard as a god.
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06-21-2012, 03:04 PM
I was fighting the Klingons on the ground. Some of the Targ Handlers sent around six targs my way. I threw a grenade and it took out the whole pack. It was epic.
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06-21-2012, 03:23 PM
Just this morning.
A quick friendly PvP with Voporak.
1 v 1
He insisted on bringing a Runabout to a battle with my MVAE
One of the times I blew him up, he was charging me like a madman when my cannons melted him, and his torpedo (which never made it to me) , dropped a lockbox.

:biggrin: Little frakker was shooting lockboxes at me !!!

I picked up the lockbox and it now has a special place in my bank.
Seriously. A lockbox.
He shot a lockbox at me. :smile:

EDIT : It was very cool to meet, and chill with another forum regular.
I hope to meet more of you in game.
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06-21-2012, 08:15 PM
Sometimes at the last second I switch from my shuttle to my capital ship and play the vault mission.... I know that's not how the mission was intended to be played so I feel fairly BA
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06-21-2012, 08:18 PM
I did Cure Ground Elite with Black Betty on repeat in VLC player, I felt super Bad Ass.

Even tried to to time my arcwave blasts to bam bah lam.:biggrin:
Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other.
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06-22-2012, 02:16 AM
Badassery this week:

Proving a Bird of Prey can be a tanking ship in PvP and Elite STF. It actually works very well lol!

The looks on their (virtual) faces when DHC salvoes and beam broadsides bounce off the shields of the little angry bird which turns around and activates attack pattern diarrhea III + gravwell... then the rest of the Klingon fleet uncloaks and end of story
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