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06-01-2012, 10:47 PM
Hi again Gozer. I am going to re-post this in your weekly forum thread and that's just so you can access it more easily if you are mainly using that post as your reference for feedback. (So here's hoping I don't get an infraction) This post is intended to be my point of view on some of the plagues crippling what might otherwise be an amazing PVP system for Star Trek Online.

If you've read my original post of the same title I want to expand briefly on those thoughts but through a few different topics. Procs, bridge officer powers, the skill tree, and class integrity.

Many pvp'ers don't like the proc's in this game for one of two reasons. Either they work too well or they don't work well enough. Tetryon's, Polarons, Plasma are commonly laughed at. Disruptor is efficient to some degree. Antiproton is phenomenal if you are a Tactical Captain. But you should run a statistic. You will see that the number one weapon type chosen among pvp'ers is Phaser. The proc's of the other weapons do not compare to shutting a subsystem off in the heat of battle for 5 seconds. This is a great tragedy because there is a lot of potential in the other weapons. But its dwarfed by the fact that the Phaser proc IS BETTER than the other weapons types. At least this is the common perception of the average pvp'er.

Why shouldn't it be? What do you think would kill you first? Minus 25 power to all subsystems? Minus 220 all shield facings when each facing is over 12k? Plasma dot damage that can be cleared with a Hazard Emitters for 15 seconds every 30 seconds? Minus 10% all damage resistance when your shields and hull are at 100%? Or a completely disabled shield or shield facing, engine, auxiliary power, or weapons for 5 seconds?

Torpedoes are another topic of discussion. Quantum's and/or photons are the number one torpedo choice of pvp'ers. Transphasics and Plasma Torpedoes are laughed at by pvp'ers. I think the change to Tricobalt's personally was nice although they aren't used with any kind of regular practicality in PVP by many players. Chroniton's are and have always been decent. You trade high damage and recharge time for a 15 second slow when it procs. As far as torpedoes go most pvp'ers will tell you that Transphasic's and Plasma need some kind of attention given to them. ESPECIALLY Transphasic's.

Moving on to Bridge Officer Powers It'd be awesome if you could just answer a question for me. What is the intention of Cryptic's PVP design when it allows a player to use the same skill twice as if it were a different skill altogether just to lower the global cool down of that skill? I know I don't speak for everyone but I think a lot of players would love to know the original intention behind this design choice as its not something I've seen in other games. Many people will complain that if you don't allow us to double stack things there will not be enough skills to put on your ship. I don't believe this is true. You might not like your choices but there ARE choices for you to be able to put in the slots players are currently doubling up with the same power. But that's besides the point anyway. The point is why are we allowed to use the same power twice as if it were a different skill for some powers but not all? For example why can't we lower the global cool down when using two Team Skills for example? And what makes Team Skills different from the powers we can double stack such as Hazard Emitters or Transfer Shield Strength?

Another big question I think a lot of us are wondering is why after 6 seasons Starship Subsystem Repair still has no relevance to PVE or PVP? There simply is NO reason to spec into that skill. It makes no sense. And then there is the Cloaking Skill. From what I understand it actually does have relevance when specced for PVE as when you are specced into it you can uncloak closer within proximity of NPC's. Why wouldn't that include approaching other players? The skill seems to have no relevance in PVP and if you are unaware you may wish to look into it.

Also something isn't right about Auxiliary to Battery. It says its apart of the Auxiliary Power system which is the same system as Auxiliary to Inertial Dampeners and Auxiliary to the Structural Integrity Field. So why is it putting Emergency Powers on cool down when all of the Emergency Power skills are apart of the Batteries system? This tells me one of two things. Either Auxiliary to Battery is labeled under the wrong system or it is putting Emergency Powers on cool down when it should not be if in fact it is supposed to be apart of the Auxiliary Power System. Again this is another nugget for you to look into.

Finally class integrity. I'm not going to elaborate on this instead I'm going to link another post by Sivar, an awesome and upstanding member of the PVP community:

His post is just as lengthy as mine. But it is a solid read that you will definitely want to look at. And that's my feedback. For now.

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06-02-2012, 10:47 PM
Why is stealth on the ground still stacking so high it's undetectable by the Science Tricorder, Target Optics, or Support Drone?

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