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06-05-2012, 07:22 PM
Thanks for the history lesson guys, I don't think I will be too worried (at this point) since it would take someone of my husbands caliber to reprogram the game. LoL
OT: As a Mom and all, I remember when my son was playing GTA on his XBox and the news media got all hyper active about the "hot coffee" mod. He was 13 back then and his brother 11 so I asked my husband to look into it. Turns out the XBox version couldn't do the mod unless you were some genius and even the PC version you needed to have some skill. I believe that event gave the term "modding" a black eye.

Ironically at the end of the day, the mod was never responsible, for the code was already there and just dormant. I never understood the fuss about telling kids it is ok to have shoot outs with the police, but whatever you do, don't have sex with a girl. Maybe that is why I am not a grandma yet?
Now back on topic, just in case an almighty Cryptic God of Programmers should actually read this thread. I thought of something REAL NEAT and simple to put on a future 0.6 beta release. In the 3D testing you have an Editing Tools box. Put a button in there [Move Object] where I can select any item or NPC I placed on the map and slide it around the floor with W,A,S, and D. Then Q and E for up and down. Come on guys that has got to be a no-brainer?

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