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07-06-2012, 01:00 PM
I think there needs to be a hard cap till what level you can actually drain someone. There should be a limit to all power levels imo for these kind of abuses. ///
I think ANY energy drain, what so ever, should not be able to be stackable like you can be sucked dry on almost all your systems to 0 (FOR A SINGLE PERSON). This is totally against the reasons why for instance Viral Matrix doesnt shut all systems down at once, and doesnt disable your shields.
I agree with ye on this one, potential energy drain is too powerful and plasmonic leach is too easy to stack, besides I don't have any form of defence against powerdrain.
Power insulators? What do they do Im specced into them and I still get drained dry far too often.

Originally Posted by xantris View Post
It's almost as broken as perma tractor beams on a particular escort. Almost...
If we're talking about the DaNoobes, then I definitely agree with you on tractor beam spam, as far as I'm concerned pets should only do damage and not skills or proc effects (like phaser :/) I Run two copies of AP OMEGA atm and Polarise Hull, and today in capnhold I still managed to find time to get tractored by one guy and his "minions".

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07-07-2012, 09:41 AM
Sadly it does appear that this console is stacking again in a way that I am sure it was not meant to.
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07-07-2012, 10:05 AM
Did a test both single attacker and multiple against single player target and ican say that PL is deffinately double stacking.

Ok, between myself and Elad we attacked a defiant (mad scotsman) both single and combine attacks.
We where both skilled to 9 in flow capacitors skill/ 99 in flow capacitors on the Toon info UI but otherwise no other form of drain buffing.

I would attack singulary and drain roughly 17 points on my UI and 20 as reported by the target (a stationary mad scotsman) when I had achieved a 15 stack max on the use of Plasmonic leech over the course of firing Bfaw2 and Bfaw3 and no other combat ability at all.
This took my Engine power from a buffed 25/44 to further PL buffed 61-65. Use Engine power becuase it is the one power trait I have that is only buffed by equipment and no skills what so ever.

When Elad joined me and did the same but using cannon buffing attacks he achieved a secondary stack on target(once again a stationary mad scotsman - though I know not if a secondary effect placard icon appeared on target) and drain another 20 some odds points with his stack as well from target.

So a combined 5 man attack could easily shutdown a target under the right circumstances.

Yeah, Plasmonic leech is broken as the stack on target is supposed to stop at a maximum of 15 and even though another attacker may use the Pl and attack, thus gaining thier own PL bonus to power, the target is not suppossed to be able to suffer the effects.
A 15 stack maximum is the effect that should happen to target regardless of the number of attackers.
All attackers still get thier PL power drain bonus even though the target can no longer be further drained past 15 stacks.
Thats how I thought they had fixed it.
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