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06-05-2012, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by Zypher2011
It is not going to be like that.

Devs on MW:O have blogged enough about how the game operates and everything they blog is in the beta already.

It puts STO to shame in my opinion. STO lacks an edge. It is too safe. We fly toy ships, we don't simulate the commanding of Starships in dangerous space. That would be too much effort for a lot of the STO community.

When is the last time you disabled an enemy ship at will, your choice instead of blowing them up then salvaging the ship?

When did you last respond to a random and sudden distress call that is not scripted or part of a linear mission or in the same place of sector space as it always is?

When is the lat time you capture territory with the help of other Starfleet ships, as part of the war they say we are in and deployed forwarded bases to keep the territory?

Do you make routine visits to a particular planet to help build up its defenses, deliver shield generators but also task your engineers to build them and maybe help fight off an attack?

Have you ever done anything in Star Trek that creates a presistent change, such as assisinate a Klingon Captain and increase your Klingon threat or something?

This is what anyone would expect from a game created in the last 3 years I think, it may all come in the next 2 years because the games status right now is like a game just released. There is enough bugs in my dam face every week to call it a beta.

Lets all pretend STO is just out and we never put 2 years of time + money into it ye
Ok, lets run down the list.
1) loyalty points: decay over time instead of a hard reset every week. A 'grace period' was mentioned but no actual amount of time given. Nor was the rate of decay. The biggest difference is that you arent competing for rank from what ive read so thats to the good. Its still ******** to lose LP because you had RL pop up. Its like losing commendation xp in sto. The decay is a way to force users to log in and nothing else, dont pretend its a bit of roleplay since there will be a half dozen players with the highest loyalty allowed within 2 weeks for the draconis combine.

2) when was the last time we saw a captain salvage a ship in a trek ip? Hell i remember people complaining that we got loot drops for that very reason. As for disabling i dont recall much of that either, typically when an enemy vessel that was a threat fired on a fed ship they blew it the hell up unless there was something on the ship starfleet needed

3) the closest thing we have to that is the borg red alerts and the duty officer missions. Though i hope you realize that it is physically impossible to remove spawn points for missions and the like. And there is no AI in existence that will not react in the same way in a given situation every time. For the record, any kind of "dynamic content" is going to wind up being no different than the explore missions. It doesnt matter if you have 10 variables or 10,000,000 all the iterations will be played out eventually.

4) you mean the territory war that the devs hope to implement after we get our starbases? Back when season 4 was in testing they mentioned that they were hoping to have it out for season 7, so i'll wager season 8.

5) like how we are going to be doing just that for fleet starbases?

6) with the exception of housing (star bases whatever you want to call it) no game has EVER done that nor will they ever. From the point of view of that particular character, sure they can affect some permanent change on the game world but nothing that can be viewed by other players. The sheer processing power and hard drive space needed to keep track of everything every player has done and removing slain enemies permanently is untenable. Plus every mission you complete the removes that content from other players.

You are getting your hopes up too much, a game will never live up to its hype. Set low expectations and you will enjoy the game much more. Im not saying sto is a great game, nor am i saying mwo will suck, but i am saying to keep your head out of the clouds and realize the limits a piece of software has
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06-05-2012, 12:33 PM
Star Wars Galaxies had a system like this. IIRC they called it the Galactic Civil War. I never got into it, because when they started it I was basically done with the game. I think it's possible to do it in STO, but I doubt PWE would give the devs the resources to do it well.
I'm not in a fleet and probably won't ever join one. With the exception of grinding for Mk XII gear for my alt I'm basically done with STO. But, for fleet players, season 6 might be interesting. It could end up being like the player cities in SWG. If that takes off we might get something like the system the OP referred to.
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06-05-2012, 12:57 PM
I don't see even the slightest potential for such a system in STO.


Quite simple: There is no way of deciding on how you make a negative action in the game.

Spawn camping? Well... Before they can punish that, they should solve the problem and make the spawn points somewhat random instead.

Bank thieves? Well... A system to prevent that already exists... People who get things stolen from the banks just don't use them properly.

Team Kill? Not possible.

Leaver penalty? Well we all know how well the one they already have works.

So whats left? I am really curious to know what you guys have in mind.

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