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06-08-2012, 07:18 PM
I keep yelling at them for dying, but they keep doing it anyway. I'm just a Vice Admiral; nobody listens to me.
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# 22
06-09-2012, 04:17 PM
It has been this way since day one. I can't tell you how many biofunction monitors I've sold for stupid insane prices and laughed joyously.

Crew are irrelevant.

It would be nice if the mechanic was reworked to ACTUALLY affect ship-wide performance, but that would mean that crew would have to exist for more than one volley. Any damage mitigated by shielding or resistances should not pass thru to crew. A direct hit to the hull is the only damage that should have any affect.

Doing that, cutting the kill ratio by about a factor of 20, and tie crew numbers into systems effectiveness would drastically change the face of combat. Less crew could lead to lower accuracy rates, lower damage output, lower healing and so on. Example, if your at 90% crew you might lose something like 9% on all your abilities and damage output.

Pew Pew is all that matters.
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06-09-2012, 09:42 PM
I've always noticed this too.
Lately, I've been switching between my sovvy and ody, and I noticed that after a fight, my Ody's crew is almost all injured (orange) and over half are dead (silhouettes). On my sovvy, maybe half end up injured, and very few, if any at all, are actually dead.
But, the Ody with it's 2500 crew takes way too long to regenerate vs the sovvy's 800.
Same gear. Same boff ability loadout. *shrugs*

Agreed with centersolace: "Very poorly implemented mechanic. :p"
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# 24
06-15-2012, 05:34 AM
I'm also hoping the dev's will see this topic, the only thing that helps is using brace for impact at the right moment.
In pvp there is no right moment, it's always bad

Yesterday someone used torp spread on my ship in pvp from 2500 crew on my oddy to around 20.
This means from around 200% hull heal to 80% which does make a huge diffference.

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