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06-07-2012, 05:13 AM
I like the respawn timer.
If I'm on the receiving end, it gives me time to assess where I may have erred and stretch before getting back into it. And of course to make sure I heal the ship injury I likely received.

I nod to the advantage of ground enabling captains to help each other out, but I am not sure that is needed in space -- it's a lot easier to run away in space, too, to heal up.
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06-07-2012, 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by feistyfawn View Post
Explain to me how not to respawn front of the mob. I'm use to respawn front of Tac cube or Donatra. Especially in its death cone.
Can you explain to me how your teams are regularly dragging a Tac Cube or Donatra all the way to the player respawn point?

Can you explain why they would even do this outside of griefing, instead of just standing your ground and dying?

After several hundred Elite STFs, I can safely say I have never once seen what you describe.

Originally Posted by feistyfawn View Post
Also could you explain to me how to deal with Tac cube which is one shoting anyone with invisible torpedoes? Timer would be fine if there was not this kind of things.
I think the invisi-torps is a bug that needs to be fixed, but I also think that people exaggerate the actual number of invisible torps that they get hit with. It's certainly not some killing field full of endless invisible one-shot torps.

How you deal with it is this:

1) Stay above or below the cube.
2) ???

I wish I could say more, I've not been hit with an invisible torp in quite some time. 150K+ Damage HYT III Plasma to the face from a Negh'var? Yes, I get hit with those, but they're not invisible.
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06-11-2012, 08:23 AM
If a player is saying he respawn front of the Tac cube. Please give him benefit of doubt. In my cas, it happened to me several times. Also I experienced respawn front of donatra in its death cone. I respawn in its death cone and it shoot. Obviously he it one shoot me. And I got timer.
You didn't experienced this. It just means you're lucky.
Im' not a vet like you. And I didn't run so much STF like you. But I ran as fed captain, more than 300 STF . I ran as klingon warrior more than 240 STF. I think I have right talking about STF, don't you think?

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