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06-08-2012, 03:41 AM
Originally Posted by carmenara
What would be a good name for a Prototype Odyssey?

I just discovered I have the ship requisition from the February event sitting in one of my mothballed characters' inventories.

Since I gotten a tactical and an engineer to taste victory in elite STFs on ground and in space, it's time to try a scientist next. And its so happen I have one sitting in my character list right now. Since I wanted an area-control capable scientific cruiser, the free Odyssey was a good choice as I already have it, so long as it has that universal LTC boff.

What would be a good name for a prototype ship? I can't for the love of all that's holy think up a suitably iconic ship from TNG that's not already being used in some way. USS Odyssey is also out as it's already used by STO itself and other pilots of prototype Odysseys.

Off the top of my head, the original USS Odyssey was a Galaxy class destroyed by the Jem'hadar.

I also thought of USS Yamato, which fell victim to an Iconian virus attack. However this name too is unusable (and not nice to use) due to the Space Battleship Yamato franchise.

So what would make a nice iconic, but lesser known ship name? What can you think of from TOS and TNG?

[Lite roleplay] - Contractor specifications for Odyssey Prototype Retrofit project.

Names submitted to date:

Majestic, Prodessy - Reyan01 ( can be used as Prodigy?)
Hood - VoicesInTheDark
Columbia - Forgotten-Nemesis
Formidable, NCC-99001 - spektre12
Relativity - nrobbiec (progenitor of the timeship) - this name was chosen
Argon One - hort_wort (X universe! Very unique!)
I'm used to name my Federation characters' starships along the lines of a naval naming convention. So, my first cruiser became the USS Tenara, from one of the cities/territories of Trill homeworld (yes, my character was a Trill Captain). My actual cruiser is named from the previous starship so, now my primary character command a USS Tenara-B. A pure Science Vessel maybe similar to a support vessel so, it could be named from a famous Star Trek scientist/engineer or past science vessel. However, given the Odissey in STO is mainly a Cruiser & the biggest starship in Starfleet I would name HER with a name from one of the Federation member-planets, named after Federation admirals and presidents, or from cities/territories of your character specie homeworld, or from a victorius battle involving Starfleet.
What kind of race is your character?

Here some suggestions:

USS Thaela Shanthi
USS James T. Kirk
USS Kathryn Janeway
USS Trill Prime (if you have a Trill/Joined Trill character)
USS Jaresh-Inyo (from the UFP President of the same name)
USS Amitra (from the UFP President of the same name)
USS Thelianaresth th'Vorothishria (from the UFP President of the same name)
USS Wolf 359 (from the famous Battle against the Borg)
and so on...
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06-08-2012, 10:24 AM
If your going to use the prototype idea for your anniversary Odyssey make sure you have the experimental NX prefix to use.

Aside from that some names that I personally thought of for my Odyssey that I eventually black balled are as follows.

USS Scharnhorst
USS Kirov
USS Invincible
USS Dresden
USS Prinz Eugen

I cant find the paper I had, if I could I could post a total of 50 names I found fitting for the Odyssey class.
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06-09-2012, 11:43 AM
So I was in an Infected Elite and there I was with my prototype ship and I spotted a large number of very recognizable STO forum names in the team roster.

I was rather nervous because this was the ship's first Elite STF trial but the completely insane 3 cannon 3 beam and 2 torpedo loadout worked very well. Coupled with Threat Control 6 and an effective combat speed of Impulse 30 the prototype kept up well with the pace of battle and annoyed the Borg to no end drawing aggro and delivering contunuous 'battlestar' flak spam in return.
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06-09-2012, 04:37 PM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
  • USS Homer
  • USS Ares
  • USS Troja
  • USS Cyclops
  • USS Helena
  • USS Greek Tragedy
Good thought. I've been naming all of my own Odyssey-class ships after characters in Homer's Illiad and Odyssey epics.
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06-09-2012, 10:48 PM
I'll be calling mine the USS Aurora.

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