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As Season 6: Under Siege approaches, I think this is the ideal time to redesign my Fleet. We have been seeing an increase in the number of inactive members since STO went F2P, this has left the Fleet struggling. This redesign will see the following changes:
*New Name
*New Rank Structure
*New Command Structure
*A Better Screening Process for new members
My struggling command staff cannot do this alone and so I am looking for active members to help. The following command positions need to be filled:
*2 Junior Officers
*2 Fleet Crafters
*Fleet Recruiters
We also need regular members. These need to be active, enjoy playing STO and be excited about the introduction of Fleet Star Bases. Anyone interested please comment below. If you would like a Junior Officer, Recruiter or Crafter position, please also include any pervious Fleet experience. Anyone can apply regardless of experience. If you wish to be a regular member, please also comment below.

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