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Hi and thanks for looking;

Blacksteel Grenadiers is looking to reinforce its ranks today

If you are looking for a family orientated run fleet then look no further. We focus primarily on End game content and YES a star base ofcourse. Every member is on Vent so there is sometimes a lot of chatter -

Entry requirements are as follows

- Minimun age of 25 years old
- European Timezone
- Must be an active user of Ventrilo (broken mic doesn't wash here)
- Must be a teamplayer sorry were looking for people to play as a fleet - should not be solo players.
- Every member shall undergo a 1 week trial to see if you fit in (which we hope)
- We have every intention of building a starbase and would like you to become part of our little family.

Contact any of the following.


in game for a chat

again thanks for reading
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
06-08-2012, 07:16 AM
To all up and coming members, It has taking me a long time to find a Fleet that is fun and where we all play together, as a family man having the choice to go even in the most important time in the game when my family calls is really good, no pressure, so, if you want freedom to play, and are married , have kids, or just plain busy in real life, this is the place for you the fleet will be kept small with a family atmosphere, friendship, Fun, everything is shared so, what are you waiting for!! hurry up and sign on , NOW, ha ha ha ha...

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