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# 1 REFLECTIONS - Part One
06-08-2012, 06:16 PM
Hi Everyone,

I've revised my first completed Foundry Mission: "Reflections - Part One"
It is intended to be the first part in a short miniseries, maybe 3 or 4 missions long. This is restricted to Level 31 Captains and up because of the enemies. I have personally tried it out and had some reviews already so I'm ready to ask everyone to try it out.

Basic synopsis:

You are in charge of cleaning up Terran Empire ships left over from the Cardassian Episode Series. They've been reported to be operating in Federation space and Starfleet Command cannot afford a two-front war.

P.S. - Absolutely offer feedback on the mission, it's difficulty, story elements, and bugs encountered. It will determine if I complete the series.



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