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The multi character bank setup should be renamed the vault and it should be able to be divided into sections. (I.E. Mineral Samples, Starship weapons & consoles, Personal Weapons & Armor)

Also in the Vault their should be unlimited stacking of items (I.E. Mineral samples and the like, Pesonal Shields & Armor of the same rank type, ECT)

I would save us alot of Bank and Vault space if they were unlimited stacking.

The same goes for Fleet Vaults as well
Lt. Commander
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# 2 Bad Monkey!
06-10-2012, 04:09 PM
Bad! Bad! Bad Monkey! If we had items that had unlimited stacking or even higher stack counts. Our wonderful Designers would NOT be able to Sell Expansion slots for our banks and inventory. How dare you think in a matter that does not promote profitability. I just hope on of the Ferengi at Cryptic doesn't see this post for your sake.
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# 3
06-10-2012, 04:15 PM
yeah, stacking is necessary?
do you think I would buy more space, if I could store my 60 Cardassian Lock Boxes in one slot, instead of six (or even in 20 groups like the ferengi ones)?!

and btw they worth 15000 times more now, than when I started collecting them:p

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