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# 1 3rd M.A.C.O Fleet
05-24-2012, 01:41 PM
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The 3rd M.A.C.O Fleet

The Year is 2374 and the Federation has just entered its 2nd Year of Conflict with the Dominion! The Joined Forces of the Dominion, Cardassia and the Breen have all but brought the Federation and its allies to its knees, conquering core federation worlds and killing countless individuals!

On the brink of collapse the United Federation of Planets instructs Starfleet command to 'Explore All Posibilities' in order to bring this war to an end. Starfleet looks back over its history and realises there is one resource it almost Forgot, One Resource it utilised nearly 200 Years earlier that helped bring them victory against the Xindi and its Super Weapon, one resource that if tapped, may just win them the war.......The M.A.C.O's!!

Realising that the M.A.C.O's may be just what the war needs they approaches them and is relieved when their request for assistance is Granted! The 3rd M.A.C.O Fleet is immediately Re-Assigned with new orders........ to Assist Starfleet in any possible way and to 'Get The Job Done!

History Tells us that it was not an Easy Job for the 3rd M.A.C.O Fleet, it suffered heavy Casualties at Chin'Toka and was nearly wiped out in the Operation to retake it, the Fleet did however score significant Victories at both the Litviak Shipyards and Cardassia Prime, ultimately providing the breakthrough that the federation needed so badly!

Fast Forward Nearly 35 Years to now, to 2409, and Starfleet is facing a difficult situation. With the operation to Rebuild Cardassia ongoing and the Secretive Romulan Empire Facing an Internal Power Struggle like never before, the only threat the Federation thinks it needs to deal with is the Klingon Empire and its insatiable Thirst for War........It was Wrong!!

After the defeat dealt to it by Kathryn Janeway and the Voyager crew 30 yeare earlier the Borg collective stopped! It adapted, it waited and when the Alpha quadrant was at its most volaile it Hit, and it Hit Hard!! Gone is the process of Assimilation, The Borg don't want to Assimilate us, They Want to wipe us from Existence!

Starfleet is suffering losses at a rate never experienced before, worlds are falling daily and civilian losses are mounting into Billions, with the current rate of attack they expect the Federation to Collapse entirely within 3 years. It is because of this that Starfleet has sent us a request. To do what we did 35 years age, to claim victory from the jaws of defeat, to stand fast and never give in, to face insurmountable odds and come out on short they are asking us to do the Impossible!!

Its a good job we just so happen to specialise in The Impossible!!
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07-08-2012, 12:35 PM

known as KBol or TPal etc etc is maybe even hacked account but definitely he is thief and lier. watch your fleet banks folks

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