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# 1 Delta Mirror Campaign
02-27-2015, 12:07 PM
Hi everyone! The Delta Mirror Campaign (my first missions ever) is now complete.

If you are into mirror climates or you like Delta Quadrant, these missions may be of interest to you.

The missions are still in the review phase, so dear reviewers, it would be nice if you could review them. Here are the missions:

Delta Mirror 1 of 3 ID: ST-HTJPD4HK4 (Starfleet Allegiance) Level 31+
Delta Mirror 2 of 3 ID: ST-HEMVUXRVZ (Starfleet Allegiance) Level 31+
Delta Mirror 3a of 3: Terrans ID: ST-HPQMFV65I (Starfleet Allegiance) Level 31+
Delta Mirror 3b of 3: Vaadwaur ID: ST-HUDCR2UBR (Starfleet Allegiance) Level 31+

In case if you are wondering about these 3a and 3b missions, they are alternative campaign endings. And, as it was said in description, they make little sense if you didn't play Delta Quadrant campaign and the Dust to Dust Anniversary Mission. There are too many references to them, and if your character is before them, many scenes may look bizarre.

Also feel free to share your feedback about these missions. There may be some little bugs or spelling errors that escaped my bug hunt.

DISCLAIMER: English is not my native language. If some sentences in my missions sound strange, feel free to give me your propositions how to make them sound more normal and correct.

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