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A bit of a random idea, but bear with me.

Should/could the trader DOff missions be available as a player vs player situation?

For example, player A starts the mission Exchange Industrial Replicators for Energy Credits.
Player B starts the mission Trade for Industrial Replicators while Player A's mission is still in progress.

Both DOffs are compared using their traits/rarity, and whichever is the better DOff "wins".

If a player wins by a small margin they receive a success (Profitable) and the other player fails (Unprofitable). If there is a large quality difference between the DOffs, the winning party receives a critical success (Extremely Profitable), while the loser receives a disaster (currently Ambushed, although that may need slightly adjusting under this system unless the Critical Success result also returns the money/items you would have spent had the trade gone ahead).

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