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# 1 Fleet Recruiting - OMFG
06-12-2012, 08:17 AM
Our Fleet is looking for mature players 18+, no drama, no BS. We enjoy STFs and PVE Events as well as just for fun PvP in all forms.

We have few rules-

1. 18+ age requirement
2. don't be a cry baby
3. don't expoect to be handed everything, we help we dont give hand outs
4. be capable of taking advice/constructive feedback on game play
5. don't be a "drama queen"
6. MOST IMPORTANTLY - HAVE FUN AND ENJOY the game and the fleet members.

We're small but a pretty tight nit group, we are looking for like minded people. We have members from around the world and usualy have 1-5 members on at any given time day or night no matter your time zone.

We don;t always "roll together" daily as everyone has their own individual goals and things they like to do in game... but when we do... its devistating for the "bad guys" and FUN for us.

We have experts at both Space and Ground STFs and are more then willing to assist in training, set up advice for ships as well as getting accolades for all events.

Our leadership works as a counsel for major fleet decissions ... however those are few and far between as we are more of a democracy and "laid back" group.

If you are interested or you want more info or to hang out with us some to give us a try send in game mail to @jtucker I will reply when I get it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this and have fun out there!

James@jtucker - ENG- Fleet Admiral- Counsel member
Joshua@jtucker- SCI- Fleet Captain
Josh@jtucker- TAC- Fleet Captain

PS i didn't bother to run spell check so who cares is somethins off

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