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Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges!

Today we start the two-week run of the twenty-first Literary Challenge: Saying Hello

After several years of captaining the same ship, you received word from command that you were to be reassigned to a different ship. You said your goodbyes to your crew, departed, and now today is the day you meet your new crew for the first time. You take a deep breath as you exit the Shuttle Bay of your new ship... How does your first day go? Was the crew what you were expecting? Does sitting in your new Captain's Chair feel awkward? Are you excited about this new adventure? Write a personal log entry sharing the experience.

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# 2 Increased Responsiblities.
06-12-2012, 05:18 PM
Captains Memory Imprint Cube Log entry #1 Captain Virrin, assuming command of the Tholian Cruiser Acchex.

Virrin walked down the ramp of the shuttle to meet the command workers of his new command, the Cruiser Acchex. Just two weeks ago he was commanding a patrol craft along the border with the Klingon Empire. Things have been quiet ever since the war between the Klingons and Federation began. But as history shows the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Virrin struggled to maintain an even temperment. All tholians emotions are on display from the color of their internal glow. As captain it would be unseemly to show the pale blue of apprehension or grey of fear. As he approached the cluster of command workers Virrin maintained an even blue to show confidence to his new subordinates.

"Welcome to the Cruiser Acchev, Captain Virrin. I am your Worker Prime Jibb. This is Science Worker Hrracc, Engineering Worker Giirriv and Tactical Worker Varrc. The remainder of the workers are at their stations and await your first communication."

"Thank you Jibb." Captain Virrin. Until someone said it the idea had not settled in. Patrol craft were controlled by commanders. Virrin's glow tinged purple with pride.

Virrin approached a wall intercom and activated the ship wide communication channel. "Greetings fellow members of the Tholian Defence Force. I am your new Captain, Virrin. Our orders are to patrol the Klingon border. To seek and defend. Carry out your duties and fulfill your purpose." Virrin deactivated the intercom and turned to his Worker Prime. "Jibb, please assign some workers to bring my personal items from the shuttle brought to my quarters. I wish to go to the bridge immediately."
"Yes Captain." Worker Prime Jibb turned to some nearby workers and screeched out the orders.

The Tholians crossed the shuttle bay and entered the corridors. After a minutes journey they came to a turbolift and entered. "Bridge" intoned Science Worker Hrracc. The turbolift began moving upwards.

"Giirriv, I would like a status of the ship by mid-watch." Giirriv inclined his upper body in acknowledgement.

The turbolift continued moving for a few minutes and stopped. The door opened and the Tholians entered the shimmering bridge. The workers moved to their duty stations and Virrin walked to the captains chair. He did not sit down immediately but gazed at it intently for a few minutes. As Virrin sat down in the captains chair he caught himself as he nearly lost his balance as the chair tipped over.

"What is the meaning of this?!?" Virrin asked in an exasperrated screech. The bridge crew's blue shades turned paler while Varrc's turned bright red with anger.

"I appologize Captain. Apparently the workers assigned to repair the bridge were not thorough after our last skirmish with the Nausican raiders. We lost Captain Garrev in that skirmish. I took full responsibility for the lives lost that day and I will take responsiblity for this astounding blunder. Perhaps a day in the brig set at 300 degrees will teach the repair workers to be more thorough."

"Punishing the workers will not be necessary Varrc." Virrin turned to the Engineering Worker, "Giirriv, please call for the repair workers to fix the chair. Hrracc?"
The Science Worker turned to the captain as his glow turned less pale as discipline returned. "Yes Captain?"
"I want a full detailed scan of our assigned defensive quadrant in one hour."
Hrracc nodded. "Also contact Starbase 2. Inform Base Planner Hretchak that I have assumed command of the Acchev." "Yes Captain."
"Jibb, please come with me to my ready room."
The two Tholians moved to the Captains ready room and entered.

"Jibb, I knew I was replacing the previous captain but I did not know that he died. What happened?"

Jibbs glow flushed purple, almost red before he regained control of himself and resumed blue. "The usual story when it comes to Nausicans. Raids on our shipping. The Acchex received a distress call, intercept and defend. But we were not counting on the Nausicans having quantum torpedoes. Our frontal shield went down and a torpedo struck the ship's hull close to the bridge. The communications worker and the captain were killed when a bulkhead and some consoles exploded."

Virrin nodded in sympathy.

"Reinforcements arrived and we captured the Nausicans." Jibb continued.
Jibb hesitated, his glow growing paler then resuming blue again. Jibb stood in front of his captain but his glow kept fluctuating pale to blue.

"Is there something you want to tell me Jibb?"

"Captain. It is our duty to defend Tholian space. But I always deemed it to be a noble calling. A duty to be performed with honor and pride. I was witness to some... acts that were less than honorable."

"Criminal acts?"

"Yes sir."


"Captain. The official report of the incident lists the three captured Nausicans committed suicide in the brig."

"That's not what happened?"

"No sir."



"Yes, Varrc?"

"Varrc slashed open their environment suits. I've never seen anything like it. The Nausicans burned alive."

Virrin closed his eyes. "I've seen Klingons meet similar fates. In personal combat the races of this quadrant are at a severe disadvantage in our environment. The slightest tear in their environment suits is enough to kill."

Virrin activated an intercom contacting the Security Worker. "Have a security team meet me in the bridge."

The two tholians exited the ready room and stood by the turbolift door. The doors opened and the security team exited the lift. "Security Workers, please escort the Tactical Worker to his quarters and confine him there." Varrcs glow immediately shifted red, almost white. "Captain ?!?"
"Varrc, I have been informed of your actions concerning the Nausicans. They are our enemies yes. The defense of Tholia comes first yes. But I will not allow members of my crew to stoop to their level of savagery."
Varrcs glow descended through blue to grey to almost dark. "I understand Captain. I let my anger rule instead of my intelligence." Varrc moved to accompany the security workers to his quarters.
"Varrc?" He turned to his captain. "Yes Captain?"

"We will discuss this tomorrow. I will review your record. I will record this in my personal log but I will with hold entering anything into your record until we have time to discuss this."

"Thank you Captain."
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# 3
06-12-2012, 06:05 PM
From the Archive:
Captain's Log: Stardate 76445.7

It wasn't the ship I was expecting. Not by a long shot. But it was better, faster, stronger. She wasn't much to look at either. From what I was told she would be an old Prometheus class retrofit with new technology. It looked almost alien, a precursor of sort. The ship design had taken several liberties and incorporated a few things from both the Cerberus class as well as the Hephaestus. As ugly as she was though, she was all mine. As the shuttle glided across the underbelly I knew it, this would be my home from now until I retired. I didn't want this commission at first, I was with a good crew on a good ship. But this is where they needed me. At least that's what Vice Admiral Aviess said. We were on the verge of a new century and there was a whole new storm brewing. The Klingons are at war with the Gorn Hegemony and the Romulan Star Empire is growing uneasy. I can only stop and think that this isn't the first or only kind of retrofitting going on. I see a lot more ships being called out of retirement to defend the federation. We had to beam in from the shuttle though, I'm told the shuttle bays aren't operational just yet, but I keep hearing "Soon".

My first inspection of the crew seemed in order, although how the Admiral talked me into so many Vulcans on my senior staff was beyond me. Some of them were my age, but didn't look a day over twenty. The Chief Medical Officer especially might take some getting used too. She seems to have a bit of Sass to her that most Vulcans don't let slide often. The other two were the tac officer and the lead for science. The Chief Engineer is a bit of an odd ball though. A very high strung Bolian named Mordan who seems almost obsessive about how the engines are maintained. I get the feeling we won't be entertaining his quirks for long. Not with how high strung he is on the type of missions I expect the Admiral to be giving us. I see a lot of potential though, Lt Commander Keating for instance. He's a bit of a kiss up, but once I break him of that I see a strong military leader. I'll place him on a few away missions to see how he does.

Formalities and such aside I decided to take her out. I stepped on to the bridge to the sound of a Boatswain whistle. I hate that noise. I'm not one for ceremonies and such, but tradition I suppose is tradition. The bridge is huge. WAY over sized for an escort. I'll definitely need to work on projecting my voice more. My wife and son would appreciate that. They were the actors in the family. My wife, sadly I lost to a shuttle accident, but my son Thomas enlisted in the Fleet last year. Maybe some day he'll be the engineer I replace Mordan with. As far apart as every thing on this bridge is, it's still state of the art. There are a few things on this ship I look forward to testing out. One of which is the Multi Vector Assault Mode. The other is the newly established Transwarp network that went online earlier this year. Admiral Aviess tells me she had a few modifications made that will allow me to access it's four main hubs from any where. Not a feature most ships will be getting I fear.

The ship left dock shortly after. The helmsman handled it well enough as we took to the Klingon Boarder to await new orders. On the trip I'd taken the time to meet with the senior staff and go over what they knew about the ship and it's duties. Debriefing went smoothly but I had a bit off discomfort. It was a nice ship, an amazing ship, but why would they put an Tac officer in charge of a ship with this much firepower but no where to point it. This crew is well trained and this ship isn't one of peace. With the threat of the Klingons pulling out of the Khitomer Accord, I can understand the need for a ship like this. But that's not it, some thing else still bothers me. The Admiral is preparing for something on the horizon, but what? She'd mentioned something about an old section in the federation charter than I might need to study up on. I would have passed over it with out thinking had it not been for that smirk she had when she immediately followed it up with the name of the ship I'd be commanding. The U.S.S. Geist.

I get the feeling this commission will be anything but boring.
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# 4
06-12-2012, 07:33 PM
Captians log, stardate 3490.3

The new line of upgraded Salidan-class destroyers seem light, and deadly. The USS Lee seems to have a willing crew, and my XO is happy to be onboard. The crew are energetic, but do they know about whats out there? I fear the Klingons might attempt to try something on our maiden voyage...

Anyway, I hear peace talks between the Kzentites and the Lycans are going smoothly. I suspect a treaty by the end of the week. The Romulans, quiet as ever, appear to be willing to talk via an ambassador sent a month ago, Vrenk, i think was his name. But the crew seem to be more attached to Shipboard events. The chess club onboard defeated the USS Independence's team by a close margin. As I am willing to have free oppertunites, Federation rules are still enforced. As for now, well, thats all tomorrows news.

Well, im off to the bridge to get underway, Computer, end recording and save file.

Captians log, stardate 3494.9

Today was an exciting experiance. I had tried my chair out, and, suprisengly, the Lee is as sleek inside as out. Our first mission was a patrol by the border with the Klingon Empire, and we had monitored activity concerning the buildup of ships at a location in an outlying world. We were told to procede to K7 for a extra hand, the Enterprise, which for me is an exciting turn of events. Were to head out tomorrow. I fear a new war is approaching.

I honestly was very nervous on my First day. But, after this, im ready for it. Computer, end recording and save file.
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# 5
06-13-2012, 10:46 PM
Captains Log # 1 Star date: 1224.6

I was informed a few weeks ago of my command change and subsequent promotion. As we headed into the shuttle bay of my new ship, the U.S.S Prometheus, I looked back to the last day of my last command. The utter feeling of dread, here was a ship I captained for Several years, and my crew and I were perfect for one another. We didn't have the problems we did when we first had started this mission.

As we progressed so did our skills in combat as well as other areas slowly over the years, we evolved into the perfect unit, a real credit to the Federation. We received many an accommodation thorough our several years together. Like all things, it ended after that last mission, I finally made Captain, While you don't have to hold the rank to be called Captain while in command of a star ship, there can be only one Captain of a ship.

When we left Earth Space Dock, to head over to were she was moored with Engineering teams, like ants crawling over the larger beast, doing last minute maintenance and minor repairs and ships systems were putt into shake down mode prior to my arrival. My First Officer by my side, as our shuttle made its way thru the shuttle bay doors.

A tall Catian, female and wise I haven't known her for long, she was introduced to me at ESD, while we were waiting for the major work to be completed. She seems complaint, I've always found Catians to be attractive so I'll have to remember to keep my distance for the sake of a capable command relationship.

The odyssey class Star ship was vast, so much larger than the Sovereign class I had before. The crew was aligned as they were supposed to be ranks of four or more, to accommodate as many *** possible on both sides of a red carpet, My first officer a women by the name of Shaton was the first to exit the shuttle craft.

as she left, her voice boomed clear across the deck.

" Attention on Deck, Prepare for the Captains to come aboard!"

The room, quite you could hear a pin drop, except that is for the Bosuns mate, his call let me know I could disembark the craft and make my way down the lane. The Crew having already snapped to attention rendered a salute as I passed. My first officer asked if I would like a tour of my brand new vessel, I accepted her offer.

The tour was uneventful but exciting none the less, the ship was larger than I had expected, the Warp Core took up more than six decks by its self, as we made our way thru the ship, finally ending the tour of the bridge and ready rooms. I asked my Bridge officers to my ready room, as well as all staff and operations officers, we than preceded to go over our new orders.

Our orders were simple, for the time being a shake down run coupled with a normal patrol around wolf 359, I needed the time to get to know my new crew and to show them that just because we have a flagship we are not invincible. Seeing the broken remains of a mighty fleet that thought it could stop the Borg might drive that home.

After the briefing I dismissed the officers, and walked out to the bridge. I than ordered the Helmsmen to make best speed for Wolf 359, It would take only a matter or hours with the Federation high command giving us not only the best ship in the fleet but with experimental warp coils and impulse engines. The ship floored me but I didn't let that show in front of the Crew.

I was cool, calm, and collected. Every thing a Captain was supposed to be, The helmsmen called out that we would arrive at Wolf 359, I told the helmsmen to bring us out of warp, and put it on the main viewer. In front of us was the twisted, broken remains of one of the biggest Federation Fleets ever assembled. As well as a few smaller Borg craft, and the remnants of the cube that was towed here after its destruction near earth.

Captain, Shaton called to me, Contact!

Main Viewer I called out. Sure enough, a single solitary Sphere was locking out to us. Bring up the shields and all weapon systems online. Already done I was told by my Engineering officer Sparks, was his name.
The Borg ship wasted no time, firing at us, it may have been small but damn sure it knocked us pretty good. The entire ship lurched sideways. flinging people about the bridge.

Lock phasers and torpedoes, bays one thru twenty-six as well as ten aft tubes. Target locked came the Call, I called out to come about and set a collision course, Fire phasers at will, at point defense around this location, bring down their shields. At thirty Meters, I ordered a full torpedo barrage, Give them every thing we have on the first pass, than Fire at will. The phasers brought down their shields and our torpedoes finished the job.

Ships systems were intact, with only slight hall scarring. My questions about the crew vanished quicker than my worry about them before had been. They had stood with me and Looked down the belly of the beast and had come out with only a few minor injuries. My crew had confidence and they moved now with a sense of accomplishment. I entered this ship from the shuttle bay, a New Captain given his first command as such, since being a battle field commission. Yet here I stand, with yet another competent crew which may prove to be better than my last.

Our new mission after contacting Star Fleet? Simple to search out brave new worlds and meet new people to boldly go where no man has gone before. All in a days work I guess.

End Captains Log!
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# 6
06-15-2012, 11:54 AM
General's Log, Personal, S. Taloo.

Finally my plans are beginning to go somewhere. My people may hate me for joining the Klingons, the Empire may look down on me, but things will soon change. The crews of both the Hurricane and Discord have been cleared of those whose loyalties lie elsewhere, and that idiot K'vek is no more.
It cost me a lot to arrange the meeting between him and the Ferengi, and even more to secure the experimental cloaking device for the Hurricane, but the latinum was well spent.
If only I'd been able to see the look on his face when we fired from beneath his ship, remaining cloaked as we slipped away and let the Ferengi kill him.
And then, with their attention focussed in one direction, we attacked. Caught between a bird of prey and one of the first Bortas warships, we boarded the Ferengi.

And now, I have a new ship for my little personal fleet. The Golden Harvest is far more comfortable than either of the other vessels under my command, and I think I shall stay in command here for a while.
The Klingons are complaining about having to clean the blood off the decks, but the Nausicaans seem to enjoy it. I'm not entirely sure which one concerns me more.
Recruitment of a new crew to command the Harvest is going well, if slowly.
My contacts among the Orions have yielded up two officers from their ranks, but I doubt I shall request any more crew from them for a while. I'm only willing to accept a few officers who will be reporting back to the Syndicate, but no more than a few, even if the idea of a ship full of Orion men is tempting.
As for the common crewmen, the transfers from Qo'Nos have performed well enough so far, although several have had to be put in their place. It's amusing to see the look on their face before I put them down.
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06-15-2012, 12:42 PM
Captains log, stardate 0615.12

It's been days since I last had a moment to record one of these damned logs. I've been in enough trouble lately with the brass, so i guess it's about time I get some words down that no one will likely ever need to read.

I probably shouldn't say such things, but I don't understand the logic behind this transfer. If Admiral Quinn is really so upset with the way I handled that klingon fiasco, why not push me out of Starfleet altogether? Why ship me over here to this 'antiquated scrap heap' to babysit these cadets?, delete that last part...


Thanks, continue recording..

Why post me here to the Aldrin to oversee these cadets? I fully understand the point of the new Academy Fleet. We're supposed to get cadets experience in real world starship ops while providing humanitarian services to local systems that might otherwise be ignored during this time of war. I don't deny that this is an important task or that it's a great experience for these kids, but this ship is roughly a hundred years old and this Captain is certainly better suited to more... important duties.

Anyhow, if Quinn thinks he's punishing me by sticking me here, he's probably right.., delete that too, damn...


Thanks again, please continue recording...

Obviously I didn't want this command. I was happy on the Grissom. It's not my fault that the Klingons can't be trusted.

It's true I don't have any proof, but we all know Ambassador K'loor was double crossing us from the beginning. I wasn't about to let him get away with stealing federation intel or undermining those peace talks. I stand behind my decision to strand them on that planet. I left them plenty of supplies and a working distress beacon and if Quinn had any guts, he'd be behind me on it.

...Computer, delete that last line again...


Besides, the whole "diplomatic" delegation is safely back on Q'onos right now, probably having a big ol' wiggle worm dinner and bragging about how many tribbles they've "conquered in some glorious battle", so i'm not sure i see the problem.

Alright, enough complaining... Computer, delete all of that and re-record..

I arrived at my new posting today. The Aldrin looks like she's got a lot of... lets say, "experience". The space frame may actually be from the first production of the excelsior class, but thankfully the fine people at jupiter station have seen to it that she's outfitted with all the latest gadgets and doodads. So at least she has that going for her.

I haven't met most of the crew yet, but my senior staff seems capable. Though i have to admit none of them really look like they're as excited to be here as I am..

It's customary for a new captain to hand pick his senior staff, but i guess Quinn thought rushing me into this position with his chosen crew was another good way to stick it to me.

My new first officer for example, was hoping for his own command. My first impression of him is that he's a bit over-confident and arrogant. He swaggers around like he's the next James Kirk. I hope I'm not the one that has to break it to him, but we have enough Jim Kirk wanna-be's in star fleet these days.

I was rushed over here so quickly that i've barely been able to familiarize myself with his service record. From what I gather though, he's done his part to aggravate Quinn recently.. maybe we'll get along after all.

Most of the crew is made up of second and third year recruits. The primary mission of this ship being to gain them experience while providing support for the core systems while the war keeps most of the fleet busy along our borders. As such, there isn't much to know about them yet. They have no real service records to speak of yet and i'm less than interested in their grades and academy attendance. I'm not a school teacher after all, and I never asked to be.

Personally, i think most of these kids are too green to be out here yet. Although, Mr. Sivak seems to be an exception. He's a fourth year cadet, but he's done some time in space prior to his enlistment. I've only spoken to him briefly, but for a Vulcan, he has a friendly demeanor. It's odd, but I think i even saw him smile when he boarded the ship.

I'll be officially taking command at 0800 tomorrow. The ceremony is going to be short, and Quinn is going to be there to say a few words to the crew.. No doubt he'll have a few words for me too.

Computer, end recording.
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# 8 New Jib Cut from a New Sheet
06-15-2012, 02:08 PM
Rough draft; to be revised

Panamon Creel never thought he would make captain. His introverted demeanor lead toward a standoffish stance made that it difficult at best for others to relate to him, at least that was how he saw his own silence. Then there was the fact that his physical stature was not what most would consider the ideal Starfleet stereotype. Standing all of 1.5 meters he often looked up when he spoke to Ferengi. His home, till now, had been on a ship that fit his disposition and physical stature well. From his exaggerated shoulders and thick arms that ended in heavy hands, (which dangled beside stumpy leggs and huge feet), mere centimeters from the deck, the Defiant class U.S.S. Pugnacious fit his heavy worlder form. Creel's home world Eforant VI has 2.3 times the gravity that most in the Federation are used to. Yet any of those races would comply in most regards to Panamon's physical profile within three to five generations of life on Eforant.

He forced his mind back to ruminations on his newest command. Why had he been chosen for this command? His introspective nature went against this new command. To quote admiral Winters, "You one of the best at slugging it out with a ship we have now." Yes he was a competent tactician that even showed the occasional touch of adequacy as a strategist, but to Creel war was never supposed to be anywhere near a central aspect of Starfleet. He should have saw it coming though. The Defiant class skirts the official dicta of Starfleet's grand ideals. The Armitage class U.S.S. Warspawn Flew in the face of scientific exploration, or in the eloquence of Admiral Kirk, " explore strange new worlds, to seek for new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before." No the Warspawn was born of the strife of a modern age where the UFP is besieged on all fronts. Was not Admiral Archer fond of saying that humanity, (and by default the rest of the races that comprise the UFP), had grown beyond war? The Pugnacious had skirted the words of these two men by means of excellence in defense. A ship like the Warspawn, on the other hand, was for the projection of power. By this very nature it was a warship at heart. His hope was that once peace was again secured that all the ships in the Armitage class would be dismantled, recycled and used for the production of instruments of peace, with nary a one for a museum piece. Swords to plow shares and good riddance to all strife but the defense of the sanctity of all life.

In truth he dreaded this command. If only he was worse at combat. If he was better at living up to the ideals of the penultimate warrior pacifist, the Terran; Morihei Ueshiba, this cup would nave passed Creel over. There in the shuttle's view port the U.S.S. Warspawn loomed. With a heavy heart Creel said hello to the new future of Starfleet.
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06-15-2012, 07:40 PM
Captain’s Log for Pii

This morning I left the USS Copernicus aboard my private shuttle for the USS Greenwich. The closest that each of the vessels came to one another was five light years. En route to the rendezvous coordinates, I took the opportunity to continue practicing the seafaring songs that I would be reintroducing to the Greenwich.

Whipping the crew into shape was the easy part, but the songs were quite difficult for me to wrap my voice remodulator around. I was getting better with each run through, fine-tuning my technique with each pass. By the time I reach Greenwich, my rendition of the songs shouldn’t be too offensive to their ears.

I wonder what K’tress would think, if she could see me working on my singing. After our liberation from the Borg, on the long journey home to the Alpha Quadrant, she had attempted to teach me some Klingon drinking songs, but my vocal remodulator prevented me from even coming close to reproducing what I had heard. I think she would be happy to hear the progress that I’ve made. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but I miss that gruff, one-legged Klingon.

Anyways, I was three verses into a rendition of “Henry Martin” when the comm announced a hail from the Greenwich. They had just picked me up on sensors and wanted to inform me that they were running behind schedule.

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

“No problem, Captain,” the voice of Abel Lot, the Lieutenant that operated Alpha shift’s comm station onboard the Greenwich replied. His file described him as an outstanding officer, until the loss of the only Captain that he had ever served under. He’d been slacking off on his duties, arriving to his duty shift late, and even arguing with his superiors. Grief counseling hadn’t been helpful. His story was very similar to those of his crewmates. “Here are the new rendezvous coordinates.”

I closed the channel and adjusted course for the Greenwich. It was still 25 minutes away. I filled the remaining time until the rendezvous going through the list of old seafaring songs. The Greenwich eventually came into view. I engaged docking procedures and boarded the ship a few minutes later.

By the time I exited the shuttle, the entire bridge crew had come down to meet me. They were curious to see who Starfleet had sent to help them get back on track. I was more a curiosity than anything else. I could tell that they didn’t think that I could fix them. I made it a point to be humming the melody of “Eddystone Light” the moment I stepped off the shuttle. I addressed the crew. What I said wasn’t as important as how I said it. I spoke with authority but with a subtle but rhythmic cadence.

When I finished, I asked Commander Trel Mav Shoom, the overwhelmed first officer that had been given command of the Greenwich when its former Captain came to an untimely demise while on an away mission a few weeks ago, to accompany me to the bridge. I asked for a report and continued to hum my tune. As he went on and on about the status of the ship, I just hummed louder and louder.

Trel’s concentration was starting to slip. It was working. I began to quietly whisper the song. Louder and louder with each verse, I sang and restarted again when I finally reached the song’s conclusion. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped walking. “Captain?”

I turned to the Tellarite Commander and sang the chorus of the tune at full volume and continued to down the corridor to the turbolift. The crewmen in the halls stopped and stared, and whispered among themselves as we stepped aboard the turbolift. Trel hurried to catch up with me. As its doors closed, I called back down the hall from which we had come.

“Yo ho ho, the wind blows free
Oh, for the life on the rolling sea”

He didn’t say a word the rest of the trip to the bridge, but he listened to me sing. Certainly he must have thought me insane. However, it was all worth it when I heard him hum along with the chorus during the ride to the bridge. It was working. For the first time, since I’ve boarded the ship, he actually appeared to be relaxing. I think this is going to be easier than I had first believed.

Once on the bridge, I reduced the tune to a low hum, as we made a quick tour around the Bridge. Trel introduced me to the Beta Shift crewmen that were currently on duty. I was pleased by the change in his demeanor. With the rounds completed, we went to the ready room. I took a seat behind the desk as he stood at attention at the door waiting for me to finish my song and say something to him. I belted out the final verse and chorus with such gusto and spirit, that everyone on the bridge was certain to hear it. After my big finish, I tossed the padd that I had carried with me from the shuttle at Trel. It caught him by surprise; as he juggled it back in forth in his hands to keep it from falling. He gained control of it and glanced at it as he asked, “What’s this?”

I laughed heartily. “I didn’t know you knew how to juggle,” I replied. His brow creased momentarily before he realized that I was merely joking. “My song list,” I stated. “Learn them. Then, we’ll talk.” I started humming to myself as I accessed the computer terminal on the desk in front of me. “Dismissed”

Trel, stared at the padd, before looking back at me. I nodded at him reassuringly and sent him on his way. Before the doors closed, I heard him whisper the first few lines of the song.
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# 10 The Stellar Drift Pt 1
06-16-2012, 08:15 AM
"Commander." Admiral Zot Olio said with a cordial smile and gestured to the chair in front of him and the rest of the board of inquiry.

Her heart pounding nervously, Commander Kim Sharp looked from the older Bolian man. Another older gentleman sat to his right, Admiral Varek, and to his left sat Admiral T'Nae, whom she had met at her last assignment. Two Vulcans and a Bolian. For this being the smallest board of inquiry she had stood before, it was certainly the most eclectic.

Zot had been a high ranking official in Starfleet Intelligence since he left the bridge of the USS Archimedes nearly two decades ago. Despite his seemingly stern exterior, and his long time residence on Earth, he still carried the lightheartedness that came with Bolian culture.

Admiral Varek she knew from her youth, and was surprised to see him here. For as long as she could remember, he was a professor of philosophy, and a martial arts instructor at Starfleet Academy. He had little to do anymore with military affairs within Starfleet. He was an odd fellow, even for a Vulcan, and believed that the path to pure logic lay in accepting one's emotions. At least that was what he had taught her when he mentored her at the Academy. Judging by his stone-faced appearance this morning, perhaps he had altered his philosophy somewhat.

T'Nae was a new face to her. She was a confusing woman. During the mission in the Neutral Zone, her attitude toward her personally, as well as her decisions on how to deal with the Romulans had seemed almost bipolar at times. Her presence made her a little worried.

"Good morning, Sirs and Ma'am." Kim said politely, bowing her head to them. She sat on the chair that was offered, and rested her arms on the desk before her, folding her hands together.

"Firstly, I want to congratulate you on a job well done on your first unofficial mission with Starfleet since you have been back. I don’t think I could have handled the situation any better. Admittedly, we were worried about you being there. I’d be lying if even despite your exemplary past and your current work with the Corps of Engineers, if we completely trusted you, but I think it’s safe to say we can put most of those fears to rest now. I suppose congratulations are in order as well about Vaihuu.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Kim said. She smiled softly at the mention of the young Romulan woman that had come back with them, and was now busily on the Academy grounds familiarizing herself with Starfleet. A daughter. The medical scans didn’t lie, and she really was the spitting image of Ynala.

“There was a reason for you being here other than to banter about your daughter, and your past career with Starfleet. Since you have been reinstated, you have been working as a starship design tester, and for the past nine months you’ve been the lead tester on the Stellar Drift. I think it’s safe to say at this point, that while your work with the Stellar Drift Project has been most helpful, that we are sorely under-utilizing you.”

Zot looked down at the PADD in front of him and tapped it on.

“On behalf of Admiral Quinn and the rest of Starfleet Command, effective immediately you are being promoted to the rank of Captain and transferred to the Starfleet Deep Space Exploration department as the commanding officer of the USS Starlight.”

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