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I've been running this FA all day on low to high level characters and one issue seems to consistantly apply. People fail to realise its time to move forward in the map.

This is not helped by the fact that the previous areas of action (frigate->cruiser) continue to be populated by many, many groups of hostile NPCs.

This continues to put those who pay attention to the mission objectives, and are aware that its more efficient to kill Cruisers in the Cruiser area versus the Frigate area, at unnecessary stress. At low levels, lt.cdr for example, its not exactly easy to solo a spawn of three battleships, and yet, time and time again, that is exactly what the 'aware' in these Fleet Actions had to resort to in order to try push along the progress of the mission, while others were trying to continuously, and hopelessly untangle themselves from frigates.

The worst part is when your attempt to solo fails, and you must make your way back over 100KM to where the mission objectives are for another 10 seconds of combat.

Frankly I am surprised that the cleanup on this Fleet Action did not address this issue. Granted, some people may be in this fleet action under the premise of clocking easy kills on frigates for the length of the FA and then assist on the dreadnaught hoping to get first place, but having seen that 1st place does not go to such people I can only conclude that they are unaware, or too young to understand whats going on - either way, to the detriment of others.

Surely it would be a fair suggestion to DESPAWN the old npcs action area after objectives have been completed?

Surely it would be a fair suggestion to CHANGE the respawn points after each completion of objectives so as to eliminate 30 second journeys back to the action?

How are other people finding this Fleet Action these days? I'm just quite concerned with the levels of frustration I am seeing new players at low levels experience in this fleet action - when they don't need to be.
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